Bad Mums Club #1 : fast food Mommy

Bad Mums Club #1 : Fast Food Mommy

When I started weaning my 20 month old after breast feeding exclusively for 6 months, I had bought myself a few Annabel Karmel books and followed to the letter her steps for weaning and made everything from fresh that passed my baby’s lips.  Once he hit about 10 months I was very unwell with hyperemesis and 3 months pregnant with his sister and he started to live on the Ella’s Kitchen pouches.  I had researched and determined they were the best for him and the most comparable if I wasn’t going to be able to cook for him.  He only stopped breast feeding when I was so bad in my pregnancy I couldn’t hold him to feed.  He was so used to having my expressed milk that he started biting me as it was like he’d forgotten how to feed.  I got to the point where I couldn’t express anymore as I was too unwell and wasn’t getting out anywhere near enough for him.  I only premise this to give you an idea of how far I have fallen in my own sights.

In our household for the past 2 months now we have all been so unwell, myself included and I have just been completely lacking in energy.  Obviously Eden is only 3 months old now and so memories of me being stuck in bed very unwell whilst pregnant and those depressed feelings have come back very quickly whilst being too unwell to do much.

This has resulted in me driving my hubby to work and then heading in the car straight to my mum’s house (on days she’s not working) so that I can have some help with the babies.  As soon as I get in the car I realise I haven’t eaten or sometimes even fed Judah.  Eden feeds from me so I then feel guilty for my quality of milk and encourage myself to eat…….*enter stage left* – Macdonald’s Drive Thru.  It is literally 2 mins away from my house and on the way to my parents there is another one, so even when I’ve sometimes managed to avoid it, by the time I’ve been driving half an hour and the hunger pangs have set in, I end up buying at the other branch.

Sometimes when I’ve been in the car running errands the only thing that stops me going back at lunch time is the sheer horror that the staff will recognise me and my car from the breakfast run, then pure shame forces me to make other arrangements.  

I have made drastic changes recently to this pattern of behaviour since a few weeks ago my little boy 20 months old started saying ‘pease pease’ whenever he saw those Golden Arches as he knew they meant food.  So horrified was I, I have been now trying to avoid this pattern.  He also recognises take away bags as dinner time.  I don’t want him to grow up with issues with food, I’m all for a treat but the pattern formed recently in our house must stop.

However, this week with all the motorway driving and stress of bereavement I am a fully paid up member of the Bad Mums Club.


Some Things that I Love #3

Something I read

Still not a big reader, I’m afraid the extent of my reading this week is the Annabel Karmel baby & toddler cookbook.  I have been figuring out which foods JAM hasn’t tried yet (as he’s weaning I need to make sure I broaden his palette).  I discovered to my horror at a local softplay centre he doesn’t like fish.  He has never cried when being fed before, but he really screamed and made me feel awful.  There was no spitting it out, just full blown disappointment, as he has always thoroughly enjoyed EVERYTHING else that I’ve given him.  Will need to reintroduce with some sweet potato very soon, but left it for now, as I didn’t want to traumatise him or put him off forever.

JAMs displeasure, weaning


JAM’s displeasure at my offer of fish.  Here he is after demolishing a Heinz banana biscotti to make up for it

Something I watched

‘in the land of Mr Men far away, there’s lots of fun in a Mr Silly way…’ (ahem), yes, I haven’t really had time to watch anything this week.  I have however been subjected to learning letters with JAM’s Mr Men DVD.  I’ve watched some of my Smallville boxsets when I’ve not been able to sleep so that I can try and drift off.  So, yes, I guess Smallville Season 8 Boxset has made an appearance this week.  If you’ve not seen Smallville, it is hilarious, (it’s not supposed to be) I’m quite into the Superman/Batman mythology’s and love anything with a hero, but Smallville is so over the top serious, I often watch it wondering how the actor managed to deliver such a ridiculous line ie. ‘Well, I intend to find him and bring him to the Fortress before that happens. I got a faint signal from the console, and I found the crystal that Brainiac used to release Zod.’ (ah, only Tom Welling could deliver this with any authenticity… who am I kidding?).  I don’t know how it works but it does, the 10 season series was a huge hit in the U.S and I own all of them on boxset (ahem…sad).


Something I wore

My hunter wellies.  Little Miss Rae Rae and I were off taking part in some social action gardening for a disabled man on a local estate.  I was very impressed with her, she is 3 years old and man can she graft!  I was so impressed I offered her a present of her choosing, ‘ a teddy’, ‘what kind of teddy?’, ‘a pony teddy’.  Fair enough, that is my task this week to find and purchase a pony teddy.  I have also relinquished my Uggs to the season and have been wearing my grey Bench boots instead this past week.

IMG_1691 IMG_1699


Something I listened to

Oh yes, after much anticipation I picked up the new Hillsong UNITED album ‘Zion’.  You will find it high on the itunes charts (#2 in the U.S).  It is a Christian album, and I have been a huge fan of them for well over a decade.  I was eagerly waiting for the release date and purchased it immediately.  Different than usual, they have spent more time on the musicality and synthed up the voices etc.  I find it has shades of the Killers, Bloc Party.  My favourite track is #4 ‘Oceans (Where feet may fail)’.  Check it out.



Something I cannot live without

This week has to be my Micralite Superlite Buggy.  It is so handy and nifty, I wasn’t sure when I purchased it how long my satisfaction would last.  I am an impulsive buyer and had not seen one in the flesh or tested it out.  I just read that it was the best in a magazine someone gave me.  It was the most expensive in the review and therefore my compulsiveness takes over.  I wanted to have it (not because it was the most expensive, because that reiterated to me that it must be the best one… terrible I know).  At £199 for a lightweight buggy I have not been disappointed.  It isn’t handy for putting bags of shopping on, infact I’m sure repeatedly doing so would break it as the frame only weighs 6kg’s (of course you can put shopping you can fit underneath it).  I absolutely adore it though, despite this one flaw which, in effect, just makes me spend less (and makes what Daddy didn’t tell me and our bank balance happier).  It is really handy on the bus, to quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ‘it corners like it’s on rails’, and the beasty back wheels make it really easy to get in and out of our steep steps to the front door, I don’t have to lift it anymore! wuhoo!


Thank you to but why mummy why for this fun blog I always enjoy doing!

some things that i love