{The Ordinary Moments 14} #3

 I absolutely love how much Judah adores Eden.  She is his favourite person, and most of the time (apart from when he’s having an ignorant moment and leans on her without realising she can’t support his weight, mummy to the rescue) he takes such good care of her.  She is his little princess and he (again, unless he’s unwittingly crushing her) is her hero.

I’ve noticed their relationship brings everyone great joy who see their interactions with each other.  

It’s really sweet how he took it upon himself the morning of the funeral to give her a lovely kiss.  She was asleep at the time but didn’t mind being woken up by a kiss.  She soon drifted back off anyway.

I am so excited to be able to capture these images with my new camera that has arrived whilst we were away.  I collected it from the depot last night.  As the total newb that I am to photography, I didn’t even realise I needed a memory card.  So, was gutted whilst setting up my camera last night that I couldn’t start experimenting straight away.  *oops* oh well ordered a 32gb online and might pick up a 4gb at the supermarket this morning whilst I wait for it to arrive.  Total geek I know, but I’m too excited.

Packing to move today whilst the girls are at dance, so better crack on with my day.

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{The Ordinary Moments 14} #2

We spent a lot of time at the in laws this week as we have been helping with the practical things that need sorting when you suffer a bereavement.  At the moment we don’t have a bath so whenever we stay anywhere that there is one (and sometimes I just sneak one at my mum’s when we go for lunch) I relish the chance to have a good soak.  

With Judah and Eden still both being so small and the poor things usually get showered with me, I really enjoy taking them in the bath with me.  It’s nice to have some ‘me’ time but as we don’t get to do the conventional ‘bath time’ I jump at the chance to have that quality time with them.

We are moving house in 10 days *scary*, we’ve got nothing sorted and we are going back down South this week for the funeral, but wahoo! when we do move we will have a bath.  I am so excited to include this in our bed time routine and for it to become a more regular ‘ordinary moment’ for us.

Bathing Eden this week was one of my favourite moments and here is a little snapshot.

Bathing Beauty


{The Ordinary Moments 14} #1

It has been one of those hectic weeks and I have felt like any level of peace has evaded us as a family.  Looking back through my new iPad Air *shameful gloat* I found the first photo I had taken with it after our day at the Trafford Centre.  

My husbands family has suffered a horrible and unexpected bereavement, so this last week has involved a LOT of travelling.  We are moving house in 10 days also and until the cardboard boxes, bubblewrap etc. had arrived I just couldn’t bear to be in the house staring at all that needed doing.  So I kept disappearing out of the house.

I love how you can come home at the end of a stressful day and find this…

Peaceful Princess

…. they make you realise don’t they?  It is possible to have some stillness in the midst of life’s storms.  She looks so cute passed out on our bed after I’d just fed her.  The poor thing has been losing weight due to the illnesses we keep having as a family and my stress levels.  The midwife told me that despite my having plenty of milk the quality goes from double cream to that of skimmed milk when I’m stressed and dashing around.  *guilty face* it’s horrible to know that the woes of life can effect you even at 3 months old.  

However, this week little miss Eden has put on a couple of ounces, so let’s hope she continues on in this way.

I am hoping to remember to focus on these peaceful times more often.  These ‘ordinary moments’ that pass us by way too quickly if we’re not careful, are certainly ones I wish to treasure.

I look forward to being able to look back on these blog posts in the future and remember how still my princess could be, when she’s older and running rings around me.


The Ordinary Moments #4

The Ordinary Moments #4

This week is a bit of a strange one… we were doing an ordinary thing but it was a bit of an extraordinary moment for me.

We have stayed over at a friends house (it’s huge), the girls are in their own en-suite room and we are in ours with Judah in a travel cot.  The girls have lots of fun when we come to visit their friend Anna.  The house is so big and she has an outdoor play area bigger than most of the parks that we go to near us.  So they love coming here of course.

Last night Anna’s parents decided they were going to let off Chinese lanterns, each of the girls got to hold one and let them off into the atmosphere.  This was something children all over the world must’ve done at some point or another at New Year or a party.  The last time I did it was early October 2 years ago.

We had miscarried September 15th 2011 at 7 weeks (very early I know) but it was my first pregnancy with a man I was deeply in love with and excited to marry.  I had only known I was pregnant for about 8 days, but the bonding… oh the bonding.  It was instant.  I had trundled off to the nearest Sainsbury’s and bought lots of fruit and veg so that I could stock up and eat healthily so this little bundle would get the best nutrients I could give.

I wanted to give my family opportunity to partake in the release of a lantern so that we could say goodbye as my Mum and sister had also bonded very quickly with the idea of me being pregnant.  In fact, they refused to see the evidence in front of them when my body started to miscarry.  Telling me God wouldn’t let that happen, I’d had enough rubbish in my life etc.  but I knew, the writing was on the wall, God and I made our peace, as did my then fiancé James.

I conceived Judah just 10 days after I miscarried, there was no in between period or anything like that.  Obviously this was a fact I only found out when they dated me weeks later, but I had just found out that I was pregnant again when we finally had the family together to release this Chinese lantern on the park behind where we lived.

Watching Judah cheering for the lanterns being lit last night was such a normal thing for a little boy of 15 months to do.  For me though, it was so surreal.  I just kept thinking last time we did this I had just found out that he was inside of me.  I didn’t want to make a big deal in front of Anna’s parents, I nearly didn’t join them when they were releasing them, but I could hear the children’s joy.  As an aside when I miscarried this year in January we didn’t do anything like this, I was thinking last night about the little light that had gone too soon that we hadn’t marked in any way.  This is something James and I will do at a time appropriate to us and maybe in a different way this time.

Was so lovely watching the children enjoy releasing the lanterns, my husband wanted to watch until the lanterns couldn’t be seen anymore.  I said I wanted to go inside and imagine that they never went out, they just kept going, so I went inside to watch the Barbie movie with the girls and Judah.

Here’s my pitiful camera work of the girls letting off one of the lanterns (they look like they’re at a Spa day in their dressing gowns and slippers).  Thank you to mummydaddyme for this wonderful linky again.



The Ordinary Moments #3

The Ordinary Moments #3

It has been another crazy week at our house. The hubby is awaiting diagnosis for stabbing chest pains that also shoot up and down his left arm (not good), but I have had our latest family edition on standby, ‘Goldie’ the Toyota yaris.

It has made such a MASSIVE difference having a car, being able to be useful and contribute again to family life. I have taken the children all over this week.

It was whilst at the park with them after a busy day on Saturday night that it dawned on me. This ‘ordinary moment’ of taking our children to the park, I have only been dreaming of for the last few months as I literally couldn’t walk to the end of our street.

We made it though, I took Shayla and Judah on Friday before picking up Isis from school, but Judah was asleep. Obviously over the years I’ve been able to take Isis and Shayla many times, but Saturday evening, I took my 15 month old for the first time since he could walk. James had taken him without me, but this was so lovely for me to see him just loving the outdoors.

This ‘ordinary moment’ I never want to take for granted. I have a had a little taste of how hard motherhood must be for someone who is physically impaired and although people adjust, I haven’t enjoyed it. So grateful for the little things, and don’t ever want to always appreciate these ordinary moments.

I got so many lovely pictures of all the children, but here is Judah having a stroll.


{The Ordinary Moments} #1

The Ordinary Moments #1

So I have noticed this Linky from mummydaddyandme and I thought I would link up this week and hopefully in the future if I remember (wink, wink).

The girls have started back at dance for the autumn/winter term which now means that every Saturday morning you will find us taking up room in Costa Coffee whilst shuttling them back and forth to classes.

They each do 3 disciplines (2 and a quarter hours each) with a 45 minute gap in between for Shay. Ice starts 45 mins after and just goes straight through, so all in all it’s 3 hours out of our Saturday’s every week.

The girls love drinking their babychinno’s and at the moment Judah is still content to drink milk from his bottle and water from his Tommee Tippee explora cup so we don’t have to purchase him anything yet.

I caught this picture whilst James had taken Shayla into ballet and Isis was chatting away to Judah. She is so good at entertaining him and he loves her so much. I think she’s his hero, he constantly calls for her when they go to bed at night before him ‘Isis, Icey, Isis’. It’s adorable. Here’s just a little reason why he adores her so.