Love the Little Things #3


Inventory’s, inventory’s – we’ve moved house this week.  Still renting this time, so all I’ve had time to read has been inventory’s, from the old house, the new house.  Boring, frustrating on so many levels, I’ve barely had time to read my favourite blogs and intend to catch up at some point soon.


Well, the hubby and I only set the television up yesterday and that was because we were too unwell to go to church and we needed to entertain the children whilst we tried to relax.  We had a few movies on the hard drive of the laptop though (no internet here yet) so on our anniversary (Friday) which had been a ridiculously stressful day with moving problems (the old house) we watched ‘Easy A’ with Emma Stone, just because we knew that it made us laugh.


The same comfy clothes most of the week as I have been on my hands and knees scrubbing and moving boxes etc.  Thank God for slacks, great for running and great for physical grafting.  Hoping not to have to wear any this week though.


I noticed that I have spent a lot of time in the car this week, driving between the two properties, driving across to my parents and I haven’t been putting music on.  I know my week has taken on a whole new level of stress when I can’t even listen to music.  I won’t bore you with the details, but the level of sadness I have felt this week (with being severely ripped off and taken advantage of on many levels) has literally been at marital break up level.  I know as I could only compare it to when my first husband left.  I felt so numb and empty this week it was horrible.  I consciously chose to snap out of it though when I was driving the girls to dance on Saturday morning.  Didn’t want them to feel my sadness and decided enough was enough.  The past could not be changed and we love our new home so that’s all that matters.


Some beds lol, reconstructing them with the hubby wasn’t my strength after crippling myself with all the cleaning, but I did go to Dunelm and buy some lovely new bedding for the girls so that their room was ready when they arrived.

and lastly…

I do not know how I would’ve made it through this week without my Mum.  She has been intrinsic in me not losing my mind or having a melt down.  I am so glad that we have chosen to have her come work for us full-time now.  I will be blogging about our new ‘Nanny’ soon.



Depressed with Dieting : my baby weight loss journey #10

I am having to blog these retrospectively as I have been up to my eyes in moving house.

It is now 3:30 in the morning and I have no internet yet here, can’t connect to my phone as it has decided to die, but I figured I’ll blog now, post it to the web later when I can find a connection.

I’m sat in the bath blogging because I can’t sleep.  Moving house not long after moving churches has been hard.  My husband doesn’t drive and he couldn’t get any time off work, so although he is amazing when he’s here, he just hasn’t been able to be around.  The church is my social connection.  Obviously, when you have children your social structure changes.  No longer am I able to ‘party’ with the people who basically were my drinking buddies and you just lose contact.  Some of my drinking buddies were Mum’s but they were single Mum’s who, although I know it wasn’t their ideal, they had learnt the joys of shared custody, meaning there were nights they had free to not feel like a Mum and go out.  This is when single girl I, would see them.

Anyway, I ate :


Monday…..Monday…..racking my brain….,vi shake, I think?


Left over lasagne that my mum had made.


Left over Chinese from Sunday evening, duck and pancakes basically.

I had like zero energy to help my hubby with packing, got myself all in a tizz.  Ended up sending him to the shop for the dreaded coca cola so I could have a sugar rush and help with packing.  I also had quite a bit of pro plus that day and a Costa coffee.

I’m just going to post the whole week now then I can begin afresh next post.


Breakfast – McDonald’s Big Breakfast meal, came straight back up with the stress of packing me thinks

Lunch – chicken burger (plain), chips and curry sauce from the chippy.  My mum didn’t want me to have the stress of making lunch just before we moved.

Dinner – some chicken breast (packet from sainsbury’s) on a bread roll as I couldn’t find any cutlery or anything for that matter as the movers were still delivering boxes.


Breakfast – bagel with Philadelphia from McD’s 

Lunch – Pizza Hut buffet (I treated my mum as we’d been on our knees scrubbing the old house all morning) it’s my mum’s fave.

Dinner – Chinese takeaway at our new house. Couldn’t find my wok to start cooking the meal I’d bought ingredients for.


Breakfast – bagel with Philadelphia from McD’s 

Lunch – mushroom and ricotta pasta with creme fraiche and cheese sauce

Dinner – Chinese again (not good)


Breakfast – bagel with Philadelphia (I made at home)

Ridiculously stressful morning with estate agents and being ripped off by people, had a chocolate tea cake at Costa coffee

Lunch – felt like I was doing ok despite the adversity til now, I went on a Macdonald’s binge, I had a chicken legend meal (plain) large, and 20 nuggets.  I felt sick but just kept eating, really, really bad.  Totally my response to extreme stress.  Had just found out all the scrubbing on my hands and knees with my mum for the last few days was pointless and that we were going to lose a few hundred pounds on our deposit anyway.  Long story, but this is where it all went wrong.

Dinner – Chinese (AGAIN) it was mine and the hubby’s anniversary and it had been a terrible day.  I didn’t dare try a different restaurant after the day we’d had so just stuck with this takeaway, as it’s the only one we know at the new address that we like.


Breakfast – bagel with Philadelphia

Lunch – pasta (tagliatelle) with stir in carbonara sauce from sainsbury’s

Dinner – lasagne portion from my mum’s house (she gave me in a container so I didn’t have to cook, house still in massive uproar)


Breakfast – felt very very sick.  Had a couple of bags of crisps, supposed to be healthy rye ones.  I had thrown up so just wanted something dry.

Lunch – pasta with stir in tomato and mascarpone sauce from sainsbury’s 

Dinner – oh yes, you’ve guessed it, Chinese again, but then I was sick, so no more Chinese for me.  Being I’ll has put me off it.

As you can see a terrible week as far as dieting/healthy eating is concerned.  It was a terrible week in general though.  At least, we are in our new home now that we love, even if it is in uproar.

I haven’t dared face the scales yet *petrified* – maybe tomorrow, sorry guys.




Siblings (March) ~ Isis and Shayla


I love my step-daughters!!!  I am fortunate that when I met my husband they were still so little, and that I had 15 months with them before Judah came along where I learnt about being ‘mum’ and to love them as though they were my own.  Due to the nature of my husband and his ex-wife’s break up (she left him for their female lodger whilst pregnant with Shay) Shayla-Rae had never known them as Mum and Dad together.  When I met my hubby Shayla was 18 months old, and Isis turned five 3 days after we met.

We have been through various issues with contact over the last 3 years but mostly it has been amicable and we get to have the girls a lot, 4 days a week until recently where I needed to just get my head around the 2 babies on my own, instead of the days on my own with three.  (I once tried to venture out with the two babies and Shayla whilst Isis was at school and Daddy was at work, was all great until we were sat down to eat and Shayla needed the toilet, packing up all our things and shuttling 3 of them into the loos was not fun).  We have hated reducing contact but the girls understand it is only for a season and that once James finishes his final Uni placement we will reinstate our days. 

Anyway, back to the girls.  I watch them often together, I am one of five, with two sisters who were always my best friends (until recently as they don’t identify with my life at all, theirs are just about partying hard, but when they have children I’m sure our bond will strengthen again) and so I imagine what they will be like together through the years.  

At the moment, as they are shuttled back and forth between two loving homes, they are each other’s only constant.  Whichever home they are at, whoever they are referring to as ‘mummy’ for that time, they always have their sister by their side.  Sure they wind each other up now and then but they adore each other.  Shayla has always idolised Isis and it is great to see her in the big sister role too now to Judah and Eden.  I get to watch all these lovely and diverse dynamics happening in front of me all the time.

Above is the girls in their new pyjamas Isis had chosen as we bought food supplies at the supermarket for their day at dance.  We then went to start packing up their bedroom, they are so excited to move (captured in the image) to our new home which is three-storey and they will have the top floor with an en-suite to themselves.  Choosing decor is something they are actively  involved in at the moment *bless*.

I could write for hours on the topic of siblings, as I have so many scenarios to choose from between the four of them but I will save those for another month.  I will just leave you with another pic of my dynamic duo from the last time we baked…

Little Chefs

I have enjoyed joining in with this link up to celebrate my children’s relationships with each other.  Please click below to see other ‘Siblings’ posts

dear beautiful


Depressed with Dieting : my baby weight loss journey #2

Ok, so today has been a difficult day.  The hubby and I are both lacking in energy and it is so easy to want fast-food or take-away when you are genuinely exhausted and can’t be bothered to cook.  Although, I have come to the conclusion that the reason we NEVER have any energy is, yes, because we have 4 children under 7, but also, because we don’t eat properly.  Every morning we get up and are “too busy” to have breakfast we are setting ourselves up to fail.

Sunday’s are hectic for us because as a family we go to church.  Not just that though, we serve at church – I am on the worship team and my husband serves on the kids team.  This means that we need to be there an hour and a half before the service starts.  Yes, you may think we’re crazy for doing that with 4 children, but we really enjoy it.  We love doing it, the only problem is the logistics of an early start.

This morning I showered Eden (3 months), then Judah (20 months), then Shayla-Rae (4) in the shower with me and then whilst I was breast-feeding Eden and drying Shayla’s hair, Isis (7) had her shower.   So, as I headed out of the house I realised that although the children had been fed, I had forgotten to eat any breakfast AGAIN. *fail*

I weighed myself this morning, I don’t want to get unhealthy with it (mentally I mean) but just out of curiosity (I’ll need to keep an eye on this if I become obsessive) and I now weigh 135.1kg’s.  1.7kg’s less than yesterday?  I fluctuate so much when I’m bigger as you’ll see.  

Today I have eaten : no breakfast *fail*, leftovers from our slimming world effort yesterday for lunch, and some leftovers from another days slimming world effort (a very small plate) straight after lunch as I was still hungry…. oh and one piece of bread with butter on whilst I was waiting for the second leftovers to heat up in the microwave (see what I mean about missing out on breakfast being a bad start to the day).

For my evening meal I have had a Vishake, I desperately wanted to order some takeaway as I feel rubbish and James had taken Judah down for food and made himself something too.  Just noodles which he deemed unhealthy and said I wouldn’t want, but I had to take to blogging to avoid getting take-away menu’s out.

I have drank today : a swig of the coca cola again before I ordered the hubster to remove the demon drink from my sights and he poured it down the sink for me.  This may seem drastic but sugar is so addictive and I can drink a 2 litre bottle of full fat coke a day if I get into the habit of it, and that is thousands of calories right there.  I then had some cranberry and raspberry juice (which is also pure sugar but I’m trying to get some vitamins into my system due to the constant illness, one battle at a time eh?) and I’ve also drank some water.

I am now going to go downstairs and continue with packing up the living room (we move in 10 days) so as to avoid the temptation to order anything.  I must stress I am not hungry right now, I just feel low on energy, and I want to avoid packing.  Ordering take out in this instance would be my go to move.  I will pack until I’m so tired I fall asleep.

Thanks for listening to my rumblings, they have aided my avoidance of ordering food.

Lots of love




{The Ordinary Moments 14} #2

We spent a lot of time at the in laws this week as we have been helping with the practical things that need sorting when you suffer a bereavement.  At the moment we don’t have a bath so whenever we stay anywhere that there is one (and sometimes I just sneak one at my mum’s when we go for lunch) I relish the chance to have a good soak.  

With Judah and Eden still both being so small and the poor things usually get showered with me, I really enjoy taking them in the bath with me.  It’s nice to have some ‘me’ time but as we don’t get to do the conventional ‘bath time’ I jump at the chance to have that quality time with them.

We are moving house in 10 days *scary*, we’ve got nothing sorted and we are going back down South this week for the funeral, but wahoo! when we do move we will have a bath.  I am so excited to include this in our bed time routine and for it to become a more regular ‘ordinary moment’ for us.

Bathing Eden this week was one of my favourite moments and here is a little snapshot.

Bathing Beauty