{The Ordinary Moments 14} #3

 I absolutely love how much Judah adores Eden.  She is his favourite person, and most of the time (apart from when he’s having an ignorant moment and leans on her without realising she can’t support his weight, mummy to the rescue) he takes such good care of her.  She is his little princess and he (again, unless he’s unwittingly crushing her) is her hero.

I’ve noticed their relationship brings everyone great joy who see their interactions with each other.  

It’s really sweet how he took it upon himself the morning of the funeral to give her a lovely kiss.  She was asleep at the time but didn’t mind being woken up by a kiss.  She soon drifted back off anyway.

I am so excited to be able to capture these images with my new camera that has arrived whilst we were away.  I collected it from the depot last night.  As the total newb that I am to photography, I didn’t even realise I needed a memory card.  So, was gutted whilst setting up my camera last night that I couldn’t start experimenting straight away.  *oops* oh well ordered a 32gb online and might pick up a 4gb at the supermarket this morning whilst I wait for it to arrive.  Total geek I know, but I’m too excited.

Packing to move today whilst the girls are at dance, so better crack on with my day.

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Love the Little Things #2


This week I have mostly been reading blogs.  I have really been getting into checking out other blogs on my iPad WordPress reader and others that I don’t seem to be able to follow on there. *chuckle* I’m usually quiet clever honestly, but this blogging lark, HTML, and things that should be simple tech knowledge just evades me for some reason.  I’ll get there.  This week I discovered lots of beautiful photographic blogs whilst joining in with the Siblings feature.  We have ordered a new Nikon D3200 Digital SLR camera and I’m hoping to make my blog much more beautiful too.  If I could just work out how to set out my layout…..


The Big Bang Theory!  I love it!  When I first started watching Season 1 whilst they were filming Season 7…. I know, I’m always late to the party…. I wasn’t sure what I thought of it.  Sheldon’s character really irritated me *i know*.  I now adore him and everything about the show.  The ways the characters interact with each other, the introduction of women into their lives (Bernadette and Amy) is so much fun to watch.  I will be really sad when it ends…. which I hope won’t be for another few seasons.  My fave episode recently was the Valentines Day episode with Sheldon and Amy’s interaction.  I watch as they come out in the States online, so I won’t reveal anything in case it hasn’t been aired over here yet.  You’re in for a treat though.


The uggs that I have lived in whilst pregnant with Eden have been put away and I have broken out my grey Bench boots that I love.  Unfortunately, they were the only shoes I brought down with me to the inlaws and I had a MASSIVE wardrobe malfunction in wearing them for the funeral this week.  Check out my What I Wore Wednesday post to see what I’m talking about.


Mainly the song that I was singing at the funeral on Wednesday.  There You’ll Be – Faith Hill.  My poor husband, I rehearsed several times in the car on the journey down.  I wanted to be desensitised to the emotions as it would be difficult to sing stood next to the coffin, infront of the grieving family.  I did it though, I’m proud to say, I nearly broke down at the end of the first chorus, but managed to pull myself together and finish the song.  I am currently trying to find a song to sing at an event the Saturday night before Mothering Sunday.  The event is to honour, encourage and inspire Mothers.  ‘A grand event at The Grand Hotel’ a 3 course meal with entertainment, of which I am part.  Any song suggestions that you have felt encourage you as a Mum, please enter them in the comment section.  I really don’t want to be too cheesy.  I want to be tasteful but moving… the best I have come up with so far is the one Christina Aguilera dedicated to her Mum a long, long time ago…. *cheesy*, what do you think?

 Watch the video here


So rare is it at the moment that I get the time to make anything.  I used to be very crafty, and love making things from scratch.  I struggle to find the chance now, however, this week I did make funeral favours.  Bizarre, I know, but Richard loved sweets.  His mum said that he adored Haribo, so I made little favours for people to take away from the wake.  It was just mixing up various packets of Haribo bought from the pound shop, putting them into cellophane cones, tying them with some pretty ribbon, and putting a pretty label on.  I wrote on the labels ‘in loving memory’ on one side, and his name in calligraphy on the other.  Nothing spectacular, but it was difficult making 40 of them and watching the two babies whilst the hubby was at work.  His sister emailed me afterwards to thank me for such a lovely touch.  It made it really special to know that such a little thing really blessed the family. 


and lastly…

Driving up and down the country the last couple of weeks has shown me that my babies are pretty awesome travellers, bearing that in mind, although you may still think I’m crazy, we have booked a family holiday for when my husband finishes placement.  Just my husband, the babies and I.  It will be our last chance really to do something like this as Judah will (just) be classed as an infant still on the flight which makes it more manageable financially, and we won’t have to go in the summer holidays (which we would need to if we took the girls).  We figured, it’s kind of like us still going on holiday and the babies just getting dragged around (excuse my expression) rather than in the next couple of years us being dragged around by the children (which totally happened when we took the girls to Butlins when Judah was 3 weeks old).  We are going to Atlantis the Palm, Dubai and Phuket, Thailand.  I cannot wait!!!  Judah is going to love ‘the lost chambers’ our trip to the SeaLife Centre last week inspired the edition of 2 days in Dubai.  Can’t wait to blog about it, just 90 days to go!!! (Not counting or anything)


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Depressed with Dieting : my baby weight loss journey #5

Today I awoke at my in-laws with a funeral ahead of me.  It was bizarre, we all wanted to give our best and it was like we were getting ready to go to a wedding.  The hubby dashed out at 9am to the nearest barbers to get his hair cut.  We all wanted to look our best for Richard.  I said I wouldn’t weigh myself whilst we were away, but my in-laws have some good digital scales, so after my shower I wondered if the day before (fish and chips) had done much damage.  

133.4kg’s, 1.3kg loss again.  I felt spurred on to keep being as good as I could.  4 crumpets with butter were consumed for breakfast (I was VERY hungry), lunch was 2 tiny finger sandwiches of ham and lettuce at the wake, with 2 mini scones covered in strawberries and cream.  I resisted the Haribo favours I had made two days previous and the multiple biscuits on offer.

After the crematorium we returned to my husband’s auntie and uncle’s (the parents of our lost loved one) and what hadn’t been consumed at the funeral parlour were being passed out again (biscuits/scones).  I managed to resist but when we got in the car to return to the in-laws I told my husband I needed to eat something before I carried out the binge that my body (and nerves) were so desperately craving.  I was hungry but had been resisting filling that void with rubbish.

I had some toast when we arrived back in and then for dinner, my mother in law had put a delicious steak casserole in the slow cooker.  It was so good, I filled right up.  I consciously stuffed myself with the meat, veg and potatoes so I didn’t want to consume any of our snacks stashed in our room for the journey home.

There wasn’t a bar available all day so I hadn’t consumed any alcohol. I had two teas, and two coffees at the wake (all with two sugars *oops*) lots  of water and some cranberry juice to drink.

It could’ve been so much worse!!

I was pleased with my day considering the state my nerves were in and how I would usually comfort eat in this situation.  I am finding keeping this food diary via my blog feature is helping me with my self-control, I hope it continues.


What I Wore Wednesday (family edition) #1

We want to join in this each week, but it’s been a while :

Me :

Due to current size (see my running feature Depressed with Dieting) my dress is from Lovedrobe.  I really like that jacquard print and as I was singing at a funeral I didn’t want to be too bright.  It looks much better when I have a normal bra on and then I appear to have a waist, but I wanted to be able to feed Eden easily (didn’t want extra stress) so my wire free nursing bra it was.  I had 80 denier opaques on from www.yoursclothing.co.uk, my Bench boots, a Storm watch my hubby purchased me last year and my minimalist Pandora bracelet.  Also, I of course had my new Prada sunglasses on whenever we were outside as the weather was glorious.

Judah :

This little man is now an absolute nightmare to photograph, he just never stops moving.  I can’t wait for my new camera to arrive and the shutter speed will be much faster than that of my iPhone 5.  I may stand more of a chance.  He is wearing a little white shirt with tie and waistcoat from the Next ‘signature’ range, with some matching trousers (also from that range).  We teamed this up with his little grey and neon green Nike air trainers so that he would be comfy, but also, I think they go well together for a 20 month old.  He received many remarks about how smart he looked throughout the day.

Eden :

Eden was wearing the most delightful little dress from Mamas and Papas, she looked like a little angel, ecru cable tights from Next, a cropped bunny cardigan also from Next and a cute little butterfly headband from Monsoon.  She’s so precious.

They were the only littlies at the funeral as we couldn’t really leave them anywhere else with my feeding Eden and the only family we have down South all being in attendance.  They were very well behaved and did me and the hubster proud.

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Depressed with Dieting : my baby weight loss journey #4

Today was a crazy hectic day but I felt that I did well considering.

I weighed myself in the morning and had only put on 300g’s (134.7kg’s) which wasn’t too bad after my fail yesterday.  I decided that despite the busyness that awaited me I would try my best not to do as bad.  

Just over a week ago we drove down to West Sussex from Lancashire and we had lots of naughty snacks for the car.  Chocolate (not much though, I’m not really a chocolate fan) cheese sticks (you know the buttery bread stick kind?), stopped for Macdonald’s and other treats.  I drank lots of coca cola too so I had many calories.

Trolley Fun

This morning I went to the supermarket whilst my hubster was at work to buy the snacks for the journey and was deliberate about not buying as much junk this time.  I bought some organix snacks and yoghurt covered raisins etc. for Judah, and some chicken bites (just little flavoured bits of chicken breast), snack a jacks, that sort of thing for myself and the hubby.  I hadn’t had breakfast but instead of going through the Macdonald’s Drive-Thru (very tempting) I had a pack of chicken bites (pretty much just protein). *first win*

I had only had about 2 hours sleep last night as we were up late packing, and Eden struggled to settle, so I then went through the Starbucks Drive-Thru for a triple shot skinny vanilla latte.  I needed caffeine if I was to do the long drive ahead of me, I also had a blueberry muffin *mini fail*

As I’m writing this I realise I didn’t eat the most healthy today *oops* but there were so many opportunities where I could’ve (and usually would have) been so much worse, so I am happy with my little wins along the way.

When I had picked up the hubster and we were setting off on our at least 6 hour journey, he wanted KFC for lunch.  This just seemed like a really bad idea to me, but, I had a mini fillet and a popcorn snack box.  Normally I would consume one of the big box meals, large, with gravy,  and usually towered, with a large Pepsi.  So, I thought this was another mini win for myself.  We only stopped once on the motorway because Judah needed a nappy change and I needed caffeine.  Another triple shot skinny vanilla latte was consumed.  I resisted stopping for dinner in the hopes that it would prevent me eating an unhealthy service station meal (last time was a Burger King).  We arrived at the in laws in record time and they had just bought fish and chips, so that’s what we had for dinner.  Again, not ideal but wasn’t my choice and I did leave half a battered fish instead of demolishing everything.  Another mini win by my standards.

I’m not going to weigh myself as we are away from home now for a few days, but I am hoping to see positive results by the time we return.

I will leave you with the lovely view I had whilst consuming my Starbucks earlier today….

Hmm…. Blueberry


Depressed with Dieting : my baby weight loss journey #3

Today has been a massive failure of gargantuan proportions.  It all started off so well, we had weight watchers bacon (you know the type with all the fat cut off) and fried (in fry-lite) eggs for breakfast.  Slimming World friendly. Then…… I began my tasks for the day.

*uh oh*

Funeral Favours

I had to go to the retail park to buy Haribo as I was making funeral favours to take down South with us tomorrow.  James’ cousin was a HUGE sweet lover so I thought it would be nice to have these at the wake.

I determined that it would just be a quick outing so I would not take the Bugaboo Donkey as it’s not as quick to assemble from the back of our Toyota Yaris as the micralite superlite.  So, I figured I would just wear Eden in the baby björn.

Baby Wearing

I had just been to fill up the car with petrol before our long drive tomorrow and when I arrived at the till at Poundland I realised I had left my bank card with the hubster, not before I’d emptied the entire contents of my handbag on the counter (twice).  So, I bought what I could with the pound coins in the car I keep for parking, then left to get my bank card back from James.  After, a big rant and then some laughs at myself I returned back to the retail park and purchased the rest of the sweets I needed, and also bought some clothes for Judah and Eden from Next and Mamas & Papas!  I have a severe shopping problem when it comes to the children so I need to be restrained.  However, having to push a stroller and wear a baby did not deter this avid shopper.  I will post pics of the children in my purchases on Wednesday for the funeral.  

I decided it had been a stressful morning and therefore Judah and I deserved a quick lunch (before I had to get on) *fail number 1*

We went through the Macdonald’s drive thru and I had a plain (no lettuce or mayo) chicken legend meal – large *ahem* (hangs head) with a coke *sigh*.  Judah had a chicken nugget Happy Meal. (See my post on Fast Food Mommy

At this point, aside from failing my own challenge to avoid these food short cuts, especially for Judah, I reasoned that this wasn’t too bad a failure.  I had weighed myself again in the morning (after breakfast) and had lost weight AGAIN somehow (134.4kg’s).  We arrived home, munched our lunch and then I cracked on making the favours.

The baby ate it, not me!

I managed to resist any and all sweets whilst making the favours, Judah munched some though.  Then proceeded with some housework, collected the mister from work and then took him out for dinner *fail number 2*.  I thought if we just had the Macdonald’s slip up at lunch and I had a healthy dinner it wouldn’t be too bad…. However, we ended up at Frankie & Benny’s (wouldn’t blame you if you never read my blog again).  

I had potato skins with BBQ chicken & sweetcorn to start, some of Judah’s cheesy garlic bread & the chicken parmigiana for my main.  Two glasses of Pepsi. *sad face*

I enjoyed my food but writing it down in this post now makes me feel sad, I failed big time.  Tomorrow I will begin again.  The scales will probably show my failure when I weigh myself tomorrow morning.

This face makes me feel better though….

Judah enjoying his Spaghetti

In the words of Scarlet O’Hara ‘after all, tomorrow is another day’

Love the Little Things #1

Love the Little Things #1


First time this year I’ve had chance to link up with ‘butwhymummywhy’ for Love the Little Things.  Here goes…



Katie Holmes

So, I have been trying to read this article all day and have still only gotten as far as the third paragraph.  I love Katie Holmes and was pleased to see her as this months cover.  I don’t think she’s particularly a great actress, I don’t think she’s the world’s most beautiful (although, far from plain) but she has that quiet girl next door appeal and had the gumption to leave Tom Cruise.  For that, I am a huge fan.  I get this on subscription so don’t have to nip out to buy it and love the fashion pages.  I was an avid fashion enthusiast before I piled on weight and struggled to find clothes even in my size, so I enjoy perusing and dreaming about the days I may be thin again *yawn* I know! but just being honest.




So, I have discovered that Judah and I finally have some common ground in television we can both enjoy.  He loves Glee!!!  As, I’ve been watching the latest Season 5 episodes I realised he enjoyed it too.  He claps after each song and when the episode finishes he asks for more.  So, as I still had a HMV voucher from my sister for Christmas I bought Season 1-3 on DVD.  It’s great for wind down time (unless they’re singing an energetic song he likes, in which case he gets up and starts dancing ie. Jump).  We will probably buy the other box sets as we move through them, I’m enjoying reliving some of the old episodes.  It’s nice when you’ve forgotten what happened.  It’s a bit tongue in cheek but he’s too young to get the connotations and it makes a nice change for me from Peppa Pig.


My new Prada sunglasses when driving, purchased from John Lewis yesterday after our trip to the SeaLife Centre.

Prada Sunglasses


I am singing at a funeral next week and have been practicing and therefore listening to the old track ‘There You’ll Be’ from Faith Hill.  


Whilst visiting grieving relatives I’d say the only thing I managed to make this week (other than the 6 hour journey) was many MASSIVE meals.  I don’t think I’ve ever cooked such big dinners and we’ve had plenty of guests when we’re already a family of 6.  Other than that, *thinks* yep….. Nothing!

and lastly..

this week has been crazy to say the least but it has made me realise not to take anything for granted and to treasure the time have with my babies, even when I want to tear my hair out.  Thanks to butwhymummywhy for this fun linky.