Depressed with Dieting : my baby weight loss journey #3

Today has been a massive failure of gargantuan proportions.  It all started off so well, we had weight watchers bacon (you know the type with all the fat cut off) and fried (in fry-lite) eggs for breakfast.  Slimming World friendly. Then…… I began my tasks for the day.

*uh oh*

Funeral Favours

I had to go to the retail park to buy Haribo as I was making funeral favours to take down South with us tomorrow.  James’ cousin was a HUGE sweet lover so I thought it would be nice to have these at the wake.

I determined that it would just be a quick outing so I would not take the Bugaboo Donkey as it’s not as quick to assemble from the back of our Toyota Yaris as the micralite superlite.  So, I figured I would just wear Eden in the baby björn.

Baby Wearing

I had just been to fill up the car with petrol before our long drive tomorrow and when I arrived at the till at Poundland I realised I had left my bank card with the hubster, not before I’d emptied the entire contents of my handbag on the counter (twice).  So, I bought what I could with the pound coins in the car I keep for parking, then left to get my bank card back from James.  After, a big rant and then some laughs at myself I returned back to the retail park and purchased the rest of the sweets I needed, and also bought some clothes for Judah and Eden from Next and Mamas & Papas!  I have a severe shopping problem when it comes to the children so I need to be restrained.  However, having to push a stroller and wear a baby did not deter this avid shopper.  I will post pics of the children in my purchases on Wednesday for the funeral.  

I decided it had been a stressful morning and therefore Judah and I deserved a quick lunch (before I had to get on) *fail number 1*

We went through the Macdonald’s drive thru and I had a plain (no lettuce or mayo) chicken legend meal – large *ahem* (hangs head) with a coke *sigh*.  Judah had a chicken nugget Happy Meal. (See my post on Fast Food Mommy

At this point, aside from failing my own challenge to avoid these food short cuts, especially for Judah, I reasoned that this wasn’t too bad a failure.  I had weighed myself again in the morning (after breakfast) and had lost weight AGAIN somehow (134.4kg’s).  We arrived home, munched our lunch and then I cracked on making the favours.

The baby ate it, not me!

I managed to resist any and all sweets whilst making the favours, Judah munched some though.  Then proceeded with some housework, collected the mister from work and then took him out for dinner *fail number 2*.  I thought if we just had the Macdonald’s slip up at lunch and I had a healthy dinner it wouldn’t be too bad…. However, we ended up at Frankie & Benny’s (wouldn’t blame you if you never read my blog again).  

I had potato skins with BBQ chicken & sweetcorn to start, some of Judah’s cheesy garlic bread & the chicken parmigiana for my main.  Two glasses of Pepsi. *sad face*

I enjoyed my food but writing it down in this post now makes me feel sad, I failed big time.  Tomorrow I will begin again.  The scales will probably show my failure when I weigh myself tomorrow morning.

This face makes me feel better though….

Judah enjoying his Spaghetti

In the words of Scarlet O’Hara ‘after all, tomorrow is another day’


The Ordinary Moments #2

The Ordinary Moments #2

It was such a manic week for us last week with Shayla’s 4th birthday party and the in-laws staying. I am involved in so much social-action my mum is always telling me off (not because she’s against bettering our community, because I’m heavily pregnant). We are so busy all the time, and to be honest it means when I am still, and at home I’m pretty shattered and need to rest which isn’t ideal for Judah. As I’ve said before though, there wasn’t much I could do with him as I can’t get down to his level. Taking him places and letting him interact why other people and be sociable that way seems to have been the best I could do for him anyway. Well, now we have a car and I can take him places that is all about him so I’m looking forward to that.

This photo was taken on the morning of Shayla’s birthday. We were all just getting ready before the girls headed off to dance with the in-laws and I had to clean the house ready for her party. I took all the children downstairs to give them breakfast whilst the rest of the house was still dormant and decided to let Judah feed himself his cereal. It was the sweetest thing. He just felt like one of us, he had his bowl full of milk and Cheerios (I know… bad mum alert as they have sugar, he’s so thin though I figure what’s the harm? So long as I brush his teeth and it’s not too regular….. *excuses).

Well, there was no splashing the milk, tipping over his bowl, he just say there in his high chair and ate them all. At 14 months I have to say, I was so proud of him. May be pathetic to others out there but to me these ordinary moments are what life is all about. My little boy is growing up and there are still so many things I will get to watch for the first time. I love him so much.

Here’s Judah eating his Cheerios