Hello, I’m Alexandra (Alex), this is my little blog all about our hectic family life.  I married my wonderful husband James 21st March 2012 whilst 6 months pregnant and last year was supposed to be one of settling into a routine as a full-time working Mum, and we *surprise* discovered I was pregnant (again).  Judah was only 7 months old and my hormones went wild.  I left the blogging world that I had barely started getting into whilst I navigated my ridiculously hormonal pregnancy (extremely suicidal and under the mental health team).  As soon as my beautiful bundle Eden arrived my hormones began to realign and I could enjoy being me (albeit a very busy version) again.

I have 2 beautiful step-daughters, Isis who is about to turn 8, Shayla-Rae who is 4, a handsome little boy, Judah who is currently 20 months, and my newest (and final) arrival, delightful baby girl Eden, 3 months at the time of writing this.

I love fashion and always have, however this has not been reflected in my own wardrobe so much due to having issues with my weight.  I am currently on a journey to rectify this and you can follow my progress here.  I adore shopping for the children and unfortunately for James have turned them into little shopaholics too, even Judah loves clothes and gets excited to try new items I’ve purchased on my trip out for bin bags *oops*.

I am a working Mum who is self-employed in three capacities so that I can be at home with my babies as much as possible.  I sing, I am a vocal coach, and I am a Tropic Ambassador.  My mum is coming on board to work for us,  to help me with the babies, as 2 can get a bit much sometimes, especially when I get unwell.  Rather than send them off to nursery we decided it would be best to get a helping hand and then they have an extra person looking out for them.  Not sure how this will work out yet, she may drive me insane but we want to find a way to give the children the best we can and will explore all options til we get there.

My first passion is our family and this blog is to document our lives for our children, so they can look back and see how loved they were.  How much they were wanted.  All their best, worst and funniest memories captured through imagery and words.  I am a photography newb and look forward to the capture of our memories improving over the years.

I am naturally creative and crafty, but this mainly is on the back burner with the four children now, but hope to reintroduce back into our lives as my Mum provides an extra pair of hands, and all of the children, especially Isis show a passion for it too.

I love travel and look forward to bringing the children along on our journeys now.  I am determined to not let our big and therefore expensive family deter us from travelling and exploring new countries.  

You will find a bit of all sorts on this blog and I am still finding my feet with it all.  I assume there will be many changes to come but I hope you enjoy reading and bare with us as we settle into a routine together as a family and as a blogger.

Happy to review any products that may come my way, as long as companies are aware that I will always be open and honest.  The only way I know how to be (too much for my own good at times)

Lots of love

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