What I Wore Wednesday (family edition) #1

We want to join in this each week, but it’s been a while :

Me :

Due to current size (see my running feature Depressed with Dieting) my dress is from Lovedrobe.  I really like that jacquard print and as I was singing at a funeral I didn’t want to be too bright.  It looks much better when I have a normal bra on and then I appear to have a waist, but I wanted to be able to feed Eden easily (didn’t want extra stress) so my wire free nursing bra it was.  I had 80 denier opaques on from www.yoursclothing.co.uk, my Bench boots, a Storm watch my hubby purchased me last year and my minimalist Pandora bracelet.  Also, I of course had my new Prada sunglasses on whenever we were outside as the weather was glorious.

Judah :

This little man is now an absolute nightmare to photograph, he just never stops moving.  I can’t wait for my new camera to arrive and the shutter speed will be much faster than that of my iPhone 5.  I may stand more of a chance.  He is wearing a little white shirt with tie and waistcoat from the Next ‘signature’ range, with some matching trousers (also from that range).  We teamed this up with his little grey and neon green Nike air trainers so that he would be comfy, but also, I think they go well together for a 20 month old.  He received many remarks about how smart he looked throughout the day.

Eden :

Eden was wearing the most delightful little dress from Mamas and Papas, she looked like a little angel, ecru cable tights from Next, a cropped bunny cardigan also from Next and a cute little butterfly headband from Monsoon.  She’s so precious.

They were the only littlies at the funeral as we couldn’t really leave them anywhere else with my feeding Eden and the only family we have down South all being in attendance.  They were very well behaved and did me and the hubster proud.

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What I Wore Wednesday #2

What I Wore Wednesday #2

Ok, so it’s Wednesday, so I thought I should try and join in again, it has been a very long time, and this is only the second time I’ve joined in the fun, but being pregnant and not enjoying getting dressed at all hasn’t really been an incentive.


I’m going out for the day with the hubby and my little boy Judah, therefore I have opted for comfort.  Above is a blue dress from Debenhams that I have owned for ages, it always drowned me, even when I bought it, but at the time I was very self-conscious so tended to wear baggy clothes.  This purchase years ago, has served me well, as even now at 36 weeks pregnant the lining fits over my HUGE bump.


I am wearing black £4 leggings from Primark that somehow still stretch over everything, I kept intending to buy myself some more comfortable maternity leggings from H&M but I always ended up spending more money on the children and putting it off.  It is now so late in the day (with only 4 weeks left) that I refuse to buy any maternity clothes.  I have got away with not buying any so far this pregnancy as I own lots of baggy tops, dresses from before I lost weight a few years ago and coupled with my trusty £4 black leggings I’ve managed to get by.  Also, under my dress I’m wearing a strappy green vest from New Look, just to preserve my dignity and not have my cleavage all out.  Pregnancy has me currently at an L cup which is just ridiculous.  Also, means I can only really purchase my maternity/nursing bras from Bravissimo who have a great range,  but even my bras from there are a K cup, I just make do.


I have been living in my black Mini Bailey Button Uggs ever since the weather changed.  I love my full-size chestnut ones, but these are so easy to slip on my feet (even if most of the time the girls and James sometimes have to help me).  Being black and the amount of times I’ve lived in my black leggings, they go with EVERYTHING.

My free gift for my subscription to Elle UK finally arrived this week.  Lots of beautiful TOPSHOP make up.  A lovely bronzer, beautiful cream eyeshadow, a great liquid eyeliner, and the nail polish and lipstick pictured below.


The nail polish matched my dress perfectly, so decided to paint my poorly, brittle nails (pregnancy has not been kind to my hair and nails this trimester, last trimester they were lush, but weaknesses abound at the moment).


The shade of lipstick that arrived was amazing, it has been a few years since I owned an orange shade.  I used to have a lush Dior lipgloss that I lived in til it ran out, and just forgot to replace, but this arriving has reminded me that I quite like to rock the orange lip look as opposed to my usual nude lips or bright red.


As I’m going out with the hubster, I thought I would make an effort and wear some jewellery.  Again, just can’t usually be bothered at the moment, but hey, if I can put a bit of make up on then out comes the jewellery too.  He thinks Christmas has come early, lol.  Below is my wedding necklace.  Bought from one of the Designers at Debenhams (I don’t remember which one, shamefully), they have lots of beautiful little stands in there thought don’t they?  Everytime I wear it someone comments on how beautiful it is.


So that’s it for my ‘What I Wore Wednesday’, thanks to transatlantic blonde for this fun link up.  I look forward to when my little girl arrives and she can join in.

what i wore weds

What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday so I thought I would join in with transatlantic blonde and the gang.

So I wore …

What I Wore Wednesday

Purple satin top – Evans
Black wooly cardigan – New Look

I have been living in black leggings £4 from Primark since before JAM was born recently.  Not yet back into my normal jeans (shocking I know) and couldn’t bear to keep the Maternity ones I have been living in leggings.  I wore a purple satin long top from Evans, a silver peacock scarf from New Look.  A black cardigan my sister bought me for Christmas from New Look.  My well worn bailey button chestnut Uggs (it’s still just that bit too cold).

To make me feel a bit special I made sure I wore some jewellery as I couldn’t be bothered to dress up for what Daddy didn’t tell me and he was taking me out for a meal.

Necklace from my wedding jewellery a Debenhams designer that they don’t stock anymore. I love this necklace, it is very blingy and was perfect with my simple wedding dress but it seems to work with most outfits.  I can carry off chunky jewellery with my loud personality I guess but also, just make me feel a bit special.

On my right arm : Bracelet – Pandora with angel charm from my miscarriage, pram charm to symbolise JAM. Lots more charms to be added, I have been very specific with what Daddy didn’t tell me about which charms I want.  I want to tell a story that I can pass down to the girls so they all will represent a specific part of my life.  A bracelet symbolising God’s heart given to me for singing at a wedding in November.  On my left arm : Silver bracelet from my 30th Wedding present designed by my husband, made by local jeweller Janet Barber, (spoke about this in a previous blog) who also designed my 2ct engagement ring that is peeking in the photo.

I’m afraid it’s not an exciting first post to join in with ‘what I wore Wednesday’ but I was determined to make a start.

Also, might make me put more effort in next week 😉

Lots of love

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what i wore weds