Back on the blogging wagon

Back on the blogging wagon

So, last time I blogged I was debating whether I was post-natal, actually depressed, or just dealing with too much.

Turns out, I was pregnant….aah the hormonal mood swings finally made sense. With the recent miscarriage I’d had in January my hormones, body was just all over.

I am expecting a little girl, we’re naming her Eden (meaning ‘delight’) November 17th. It has been a manic year, I wish I could’ve blogged through it, but my emotions are not very good written down. I’m afraid I’m not a skilful a blogger as many out there.

I have had hyperemesis graevardia AGAIN! There was a period of about 6 weeks that I couldn’t hold my 7 month old son, I wasn’t sure he knew who I was. I had to stop feeding him, tried expressing for him but at 10 months I had to give up the ghost. He preferred the bottle feeds that we’re becoming more frequent with Daddy and had begun biting me during his nightly feed.

Suffering with hypermobility (never a bad thing, apart from in pregnancy), my hips were so lax at only 9 weeks pregnant I was back on crutches. SPD so bad, I couldn’t sit or stand for longer than 5 mins. It just hasn’t been a fun pregnancy. That has not stopped me being ridiculously excited for the arrival of this little girl though. I have bought every item from the Next autumn/winter collection that I liked for her. (Can’t wait for the Christmas catalogue to come out so she can have a cute outfit for Christmas, sad I know). Our drawers cleared out and containing her things ready for when she presents herself to the outside world.

I seem to have recently mastered the whole ‘not being able to do much’, when I just accepted it, I found many things that I can do with the girls, and with Judah that don’t involve me having to go outside. (I can literally make it to the bus stop outside our house and into town from there, but that’s the extent of our outings unless someone picks us up).

There have been many ‘girlie nights’ involving face masks, mani pedis, hair braiding, movie nights, and they love it. We’ve started doing more crafts in the day, cross stitch, bracelet making, colouring, painting. They love helping me set the table and understand how difficult it is for me to do most tasks at the moment. I have been very impressed with how appreciative and respectful they have been of my limited ability at the moment and just gone with it.

Judah is such a happy, adjusted little boy, I cannot wait to be able to hold him properly again and take him to the park, soft play, all these places that are just that bit too far for me to walk at the moment. I feel that he is the one who has been missing out, but I have to just keep reminding myself that it’s temporary and I do the best that I can.

Thursday just gone, I passed my driving test and in a couple of weeks we’re being given a car by the in laws. That will make a MASSIVE difference to my last couple of months. 30 weeks pregnant and 30 years of age, wuhoo!!! Finally passed, and will never have to pay for another lesson again. (This is a tale blog worthy in it’s own right).

I will be able to take Judah a lot more places throughout this last period so I am thrilled with that.

I feel I have written enough for now, so much I could say. Will leave you with some pics of the girls doing craft, and Judah’s cute face.