The Gallery : yellow

This picture was taken whilst I sat outside the Crematorium with two sleeping babies in the car.  The colour of the day today was yellow. Yellow represents the memories that were shared today.  Bright, loving and fun-filled.
My husbands family buried a loved one today, my husband’s cousin, and after dying at only thirty-one the funeral was more of a tribute, a celebration of his life.

The flowers on the coffin were full of bright yellow roses.  It reminded me of my wedding flowers.  My bouquet was yellow roses.  There was nothing dreary about the day.  The service ended with Pharrel’s ‘happy’ track from Despicable Me2.

Judah loves Despicable Me and had taken his Minion Dave with him to play with at the wake as there were no other littlies in attendance.

Yellow surrounded my day, and will be forever ingrained in my memories.