Knitting before Nesting

Knitting before Nesting

So I have been knitting Eden a blanket similar to one my Mum bought Judah when I was expecting him.  I thought it would look nice when they’re in their double buggy together to be wrapped up in their not very matching, matching blankets.

At the moment all the spare time I have, I am trying to knit another square, which interesting with 3 children around.  When I’m having a bad day with my hips and SPD then I sit in bed and knit some squares.


I am not finished yet, but as you can see I am not too far away from finishing.  Some more plain white and plain baby pink are to be added into the mix, and I will rearrange all the squares (the above pic was my Mum’s arrangement on her dining room table).  Then I just need to sew them all together, preferably on my friend Charlene’s sewing machine rather than the potential mess I will make trying by hand.

I need to sort my house out ready for her arrival with only 4 weeks to go and the potential imminent arrival at any time, but I have told myself I must finish this blanket before the nesting can commence.  I’m just hoping she doesn’t come early as I’m not really prepared yet at all in the home.

Do you think I’m crazy for putting my little project first, before properly nesting?  I have 4 weeks left.  I just really want to have finished it for her (I’m not always good at finishing things I start).

When I was nesting for Judah the house was immaculate, I literally had even ironed every sock and pair of knickers in the home.  I’m still hoping this desire will kick in, as I really want to be on top of things when she arrives.

Here’s hoping


Mama didn’t tell