Siblings (March) ~ Isis and Shayla


I love my step-daughters!!!  I am fortunate that when I met my husband they were still so little, and that I had 15 months with them before Judah came along where I learnt about being ‘mum’ and to love them as though they were my own.  Due to the nature of my husband and his ex-wife’s break up (she left him for their female lodger whilst pregnant with Shay) Shayla-Rae had never known them as Mum and Dad together.  When I met my hubby Shayla was 18 months old, and Isis turned five 3 days after we met.

We have been through various issues with contact over the last 3 years but mostly it has been amicable and we get to have the girls a lot, 4 days a week until recently where I needed to just get my head around the 2 babies on my own, instead of the days on my own with three.  (I once tried to venture out with the two babies and Shayla whilst Isis was at school and Daddy was at work, was all great until we were sat down to eat and Shayla needed the toilet, packing up all our things and shuttling 3 of them into the loos was not fun).  We have hated reducing contact but the girls understand it is only for a season and that once James finishes his final Uni placement we will reinstate our days. 

Anyway, back to the girls.  I watch them often together, I am one of five, with two sisters who were always my best friends (until recently as they don’t identify with my life at all, theirs are just about partying hard, but when they have children I’m sure our bond will strengthen again) and so I imagine what they will be like together through the years.  

At the moment, as they are shuttled back and forth between two loving homes, they are each other’s only constant.  Whichever home they are at, whoever they are referring to as ‘mummy’ for that time, they always have their sister by their side.  Sure they wind each other up now and then but they adore each other.  Shayla has always idolised Isis and it is great to see her in the big sister role too now to Judah and Eden.  I get to watch all these lovely and diverse dynamics happening in front of me all the time.

Above is the girls in their new pyjamas Isis had chosen as we bought food supplies at the supermarket for their day at dance.  We then went to start packing up their bedroom, they are so excited to move (captured in the image) to our new home which is three-storey and they will have the top floor with an en-suite to themselves.  Choosing decor is something they are actively  involved in at the moment *bless*.

I could write for hours on the topic of siblings, as I have so many scenarios to choose from between the four of them but I will save those for another month.  I will just leave you with another pic of my dynamic duo from the last time we baked…

Little Chefs

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