Love the Little Things #2


This week I have mostly been reading blogs.  I have really been getting into checking out other blogs on my iPad WordPress reader and others that I don’t seem to be able to follow on there. *chuckle* I’m usually quiet clever honestly, but this blogging lark, HTML, and things that should be simple tech knowledge just evades me for some reason.  I’ll get there.  This week I discovered lots of beautiful photographic blogs whilst joining in with the Siblings feature.  We have ordered a new Nikon D3200 Digital SLR camera and I’m hoping to make my blog much more beautiful too.  If I could just work out how to set out my layout…..


The Big Bang Theory!  I love it!  When I first started watching Season 1 whilst they were filming Season 7…. I know, I’m always late to the party…. I wasn’t sure what I thought of it.  Sheldon’s character really irritated me *i know*.  I now adore him and everything about the show.  The ways the characters interact with each other, the introduction of women into their lives (Bernadette and Amy) is so much fun to watch.  I will be really sad when it ends…. which I hope won’t be for another few seasons.  My fave episode recently was the Valentines Day episode with Sheldon and Amy’s interaction.  I watch as they come out in the States online, so I won’t reveal anything in case it hasn’t been aired over here yet.  You’re in for a treat though.


The uggs that I have lived in whilst pregnant with Eden have been put away and I have broken out my grey Bench boots that I love.  Unfortunately, they were the only shoes I brought down with me to the inlaws and I had a MASSIVE wardrobe malfunction in wearing them for the funeral this week.  Check out my What I Wore Wednesday post to see what I’m talking about.


Mainly the song that I was singing at the funeral on Wednesday.  There You’ll Be – Faith Hill.  My poor husband, I rehearsed several times in the car on the journey down.  I wanted to be desensitised to the emotions as it would be difficult to sing stood next to the coffin, infront of the grieving family.  I did it though, I’m proud to say, I nearly broke down at the end of the first chorus, but managed to pull myself together and finish the song.  I am currently trying to find a song to sing at an event the Saturday night before Mothering Sunday.  The event is to honour, encourage and inspire Mothers.  ‘A grand event at The Grand Hotel’ a 3 course meal with entertainment, of which I am part.  Any song suggestions that you have felt encourage you as a Mum, please enter them in the comment section.  I really don’t want to be too cheesy.  I want to be tasteful but moving… the best I have come up with so far is the one Christina Aguilera dedicated to her Mum a long, long time ago…. *cheesy*, what do you think?

 Watch the video here


So rare is it at the moment that I get the time to make anything.  I used to be very crafty, and love making things from scratch.  I struggle to find the chance now, however, this week I did make funeral favours.  Bizarre, I know, but Richard loved sweets.  His mum said that he adored Haribo, so I made little favours for people to take away from the wake.  It was just mixing up various packets of Haribo bought from the pound shop, putting them into cellophane cones, tying them with some pretty ribbon, and putting a pretty label on.  I wrote on the labels ‘in loving memory’ on one side, and his name in calligraphy on the other.  Nothing spectacular, but it was difficult making 40 of them and watching the two babies whilst the hubby was at work.  His sister emailed me afterwards to thank me for such a lovely touch.  It made it really special to know that such a little thing really blessed the family. 


and lastly…

Driving up and down the country the last couple of weeks has shown me that my babies are pretty awesome travellers, bearing that in mind, although you may still think I’m crazy, we have booked a family holiday for when my husband finishes placement.  Just my husband, the babies and I.  It will be our last chance really to do something like this as Judah will (just) be classed as an infant still on the flight which makes it more manageable financially, and we won’t have to go in the summer holidays (which we would need to if we took the girls).  We figured, it’s kind of like us still going on holiday and the babies just getting dragged around (excuse my expression) rather than in the next couple of years us being dragged around by the children (which totally happened when we took the girls to Butlins when Judah was 3 weeks old).  We are going to Atlantis the Palm, Dubai and Phuket, Thailand.  I cannot wait!!!  Judah is going to love ‘the lost chambers’ our trip to the SeaLife Centre last week inspired the edition of 2 days in Dubai.  Can’t wait to blog about it, just 90 days to go!!! (Not counting or anything)


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The SeaLife Centre

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and yesterday I treated myself to a new iPad Air whilst at the Trafford Centre, so figured I have no excuse anymore not to get on with it….. so here goes….

The SeaLife Centre

I was rocking the Bugaboo Donkey so my first concern was will I be able to get around with the double buggy?  The whole place was wheelchair accessible so aside from meeting another pram user in the tunnel (which just required some minor navigation) we had no problems at all.

It was fantastic, so much better than I could’ve hoped. I wasn’t sure if Judah would be at the right age, but he was, it was perfect. Judah is now 20 months old which means he received free entry (up until age 3) and was the perfect age to fully enjoy everything.

Turtle Beach 

We listened to the lady tell us about Turtle Beach and he was mesmerised, taking it all in. Anxious at first (clinging on to my sister for dear life) when we took him near to the first aquarium window, but soon eased into it and was running around exclaiming ‘wow!’ and then saying ‘bye bye fishies’ as he waved and blew kisses each time we moved onto the next part.

We have recently suffered a bereavement in my husband’s family (his cousin) and it was very unexpected. We spent last weekend down on the South Coast (a 5 hour drive in theory, took us more like 9 with the babies and roads being blocked due to flooding and the SatNav not having this knowledge) clearing out his apartment and cooking for the family whilst they grieved and made arrangements for the funeral, dealt with the authorities etc. it was an emotionally draining weekend and I had decided I just wanted a lovely day with my babies, so off to the SeaLife Centre we went with my sister (Judah’s hero). It was a brilliant call, the joy he had running round that place would’ve been worth so much more than the amount we paid.

Eden also really enjoyed it, it was a fancy sensory experience for her. I would go as far to say, so long as she wasn’t sleeping it would be something worth doing with a 3 month old if you don’t mind paying for it. She was just taking in all the sounds, lights, colours, and movement of the fish around her.

If you book online the day before it is £5 cheaper per adult, obviously we had just gone off the cuff but it was worth every penny. Judah chose a turtle teddy at the gift shop and we purchased an under the sea photo of us too…. sucker tourists I know…. but, as a memory for the first time we took Judah I was happy to pay.

Soft Play with Auntie Lauren

Before you get to the end there was a soft play area and some toilets with baby changing facilities.  He was already in his element so was unafraid of the huge heights and just went for it.  He climbed to the top following his Auntie and even went down the slide.  This hasn’t happened at a soft play centre yet so I was very impressed.

As Judah was in the SoftPlay area Eden started to cry (she was hungry), a member of staff told me that I could go and breast feed in the ‘School Room’ which wasn’t being used that day.  Very helpful, so off I trotted.  

Huge enjoyment for all the family, I think my sister and I had just as much fun as Judah watching his delighted face. I would highly recommend it as a day out for toddlers. He also stroked the crabs in the Rock Pool, I was impressed. My hardcore little boy. (Proud Mummy moment)

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’m looking forward to getting back into it.