Love the Little Things #3


Inventory’s, inventory’s – we’ve moved house this week.  Still renting this time, so all I’ve had time to read has been inventory’s, from the old house, the new house.  Boring, frustrating on so many levels, I’ve barely had time to read my favourite blogs and intend to catch up at some point soon.


Well, the hubby and I only set the television up yesterday and that was because we were too unwell to go to church and we needed to entertain the children whilst we tried to relax.  We had a few movies on the hard drive of the laptop though (no internet here yet) so on our anniversary (Friday) which had been a ridiculously stressful day with moving problems (the old house) we watched ‘Easy A’ with Emma Stone, just because we knew that it made us laugh.


The same comfy clothes most of the week as I have been on my hands and knees scrubbing and moving boxes etc.  Thank God for slacks, great for running and great for physical grafting.  Hoping not to have to wear any this week though.


I noticed that I have spent a lot of time in the car this week, driving between the two properties, driving across to my parents and I haven’t been putting music on.  I know my week has taken on a whole new level of stress when I can’t even listen to music.  I won’t bore you with the details, but the level of sadness I have felt this week (with being severely ripped off and taken advantage of on many levels) has literally been at marital break up level.  I know as I could only compare it to when my first husband left.  I felt so numb and empty this week it was horrible.  I consciously chose to snap out of it though when I was driving the girls to dance on Saturday morning.  Didn’t want them to feel my sadness and decided enough was enough.  The past could not be changed and we love our new home so that’s all that matters.


Some beds lol, reconstructing them with the hubby wasn’t my strength after crippling myself with all the cleaning, but I did go to Dunelm and buy some lovely new bedding for the girls so that their room was ready when they arrived.

and lastly…

I do not know how I would’ve made it through this week without my Mum.  She has been intrinsic in me not losing my mind or having a melt down.  I am so glad that we have chosen to have her come work for us full-time now.  I will be blogging about our new ‘Nanny’ soon.



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