{The Ordinary Moments 14} #2

We spent a lot of time at the in laws this week as we have been helping with the practical things that need sorting when you suffer a bereavement.  At the moment we don’t have a bath so whenever we stay anywhere that there is one (and sometimes I just sneak one at my mum’s when we go for lunch) I relish the chance to have a good soak.  

With Judah and Eden still both being so small and the poor things usually get showered with me, I really enjoy taking them in the bath with me.  It’s nice to have some ‘me’ time but as we don’t get to do the conventional ‘bath time’ I jump at the chance to have that quality time with them.

We are moving house in 10 days *scary*, we’ve got nothing sorted and we are going back down South this week for the funeral, but wahoo! when we do move we will have a bath.  I am so excited to include this in our bed time routine and for it to become a more regular ‘ordinary moment’ for us.

Bathing Eden this week was one of my favourite moments and here is a little snapshot.

Bathing Beauty



6 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments 14} #2

  1. Carin says:

    Until our second child came along, we used to shower with the girl and it was really fun. I kind of miss it sometimes, but then she’s getting older now too and probably wouldn’t want to! Lovely moment!

    • Hi, thank you. It’s precious isn’t it? Yeah, I literally have to carry them cos they’re still so small. I did shower the 4 year old with me yesterday morning but that’s cos I was in a rush to get them all ready and she finds it fun when it’s a one off 🙂

  2. I can’t live without my baths, I do love them. I bet they are even more special when they aren’t so common though, and I bet your little ones love them too. I am sorry to hear you are going through a bereavement. x

    • Thanks Hun, we are travelling for the funeral tomorrow and then hopefully the family can have peace again. The inquest will take a while though. Looking forward to having a bath to include in bedtime routine 🙂

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