{The Ordinary Moments 14} #1

It has been one of those hectic weeks and I have felt like any level of peace has evaded us as a family.  Looking back through my new iPad Air *shameful gloat* I found the first photo I had taken with it after our day at the Trafford Centre.  

My husbands family has suffered a horrible and unexpected bereavement, so this last week has involved a LOT of travelling.  We are moving house in 10 days also and until the cardboard boxes, bubblewrap etc. had arrived I just couldn’t bear to be in the house staring at all that needed doing.  So I kept disappearing out of the house.

I love how you can come home at the end of a stressful day and find this…

Peaceful Princess

…. they make you realise don’t they?  It is possible to have some stillness in the midst of life’s storms.  She looks so cute passed out on our bed after I’d just fed her.  The poor thing has been losing weight due to the illnesses we keep having as a family and my stress levels.  The midwife told me that despite my having plenty of milk the quality goes from double cream to that of skimmed milk when I’m stressed and dashing around.  *guilty face* it’s horrible to know that the woes of life can effect you even at 3 months old.  

However, this week little miss Eden has put on a couple of ounces, so let’s hope she continues on in this way.

I am hoping to remember to focus on these peaceful times more often.  These ‘ordinary moments’ that pass us by way too quickly if we’re not careful, are certainly ones I wish to treasure.

I look forward to being able to look back on these blog posts in the future and remember how still my princess could be, when she’s older and running rings around me.



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