Love the Little Things #1

Love the Little Things #1


First time this year I’ve had chance to link up with ‘butwhymummywhy’ for Love the Little Things.  Here goes…



Katie Holmes

So, I have been trying to read this article all day and have still only gotten as far as the third paragraph.  I love Katie Holmes and was pleased to see her as this months cover.  I don’t think she’s particularly a great actress, I don’t think she’s the world’s most beautiful (although, far from plain) but she has that quiet girl next door appeal and had the gumption to leave Tom Cruise.  For that, I am a huge fan.  I get this on subscription so don’t have to nip out to buy it and love the fashion pages.  I was an avid fashion enthusiast before I piled on weight and struggled to find clothes even in my size, so I enjoy perusing and dreaming about the days I may be thin again *yawn* I know! but just being honest.




So, I have discovered that Judah and I finally have some common ground in television we can both enjoy.  He loves Glee!!!  As, I’ve been watching the latest Season 5 episodes I realised he enjoyed it too.  He claps after each song and when the episode finishes he asks for more.  So, as I still had a HMV voucher from my sister for Christmas I bought Season 1-3 on DVD.  It’s great for wind down time (unless they’re singing an energetic song he likes, in which case he gets up and starts dancing ie. Jump).  We will probably buy the other box sets as we move through them, I’m enjoying reliving some of the old episodes.  It’s nice when you’ve forgotten what happened.  It’s a bit tongue in cheek but he’s too young to get the connotations and it makes a nice change for me from Peppa Pig.


My new Prada sunglasses when driving, purchased from John Lewis yesterday after our trip to the SeaLife Centre.

Prada Sunglasses


I am singing at a funeral next week and have been practicing and therefore listening to the old track ‘There You’ll Be’ from Faith Hill.  


Whilst visiting grieving relatives I’d say the only thing I managed to make this week (other than the 6 hour journey) was many MASSIVE meals.  I don’t think I’ve ever cooked such big dinners and we’ve had plenty of guests when we’re already a family of 6.  Other than that, *thinks* yep….. Nothing!

and lastly..

this week has been crazy to say the least but it has made me realise not to take anything for granted and to treasure the time have with my babies, even when I want to tear my hair out.  Thanks to butwhymummywhy for this fun linky.


6 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #1

  1. Oh wow, those sunglasses are gorgeous!
    Sorry, to read that you’ve had a loss in your family, you are so right though when you say that it’s at those times we realise we have to treasure the time we have with those we love.
    Thanks for joining in xx

  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Love the glasses! I love Glee, its great and I am gutted it will soon be all over!!

    Sorry to hear about your loss xxxx

    • Oh I didn’t know it would be over soon, although I’m not surprised. The glasses were a well-timed purchase as I’m able to prove to my hubby how much of a necessity they were *wink* with all this sun. Thanks for the condolences, I’m hoping after the funeral the family can return to some normality. They are celebrating his life tomorrow though, no black etc. so should be good (if you can say that about a funeral)

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