Some things that I love #9

Some things that I love #9

So it’s been a while as I have been busy giving birth and settling in with beautiful baby Eden, but here is what I’ve been enjoying this week.

Some thing that I read

Finding the time to read just never seems to happen. I see other people’s efforts on this section and wonder why I never have time to read. Besides having 2 babies under 18 months, I have come to the conclusion that at the moment, I am lucky to have my husband with me most of the time. In his final year at Uni and with the long summer break he had. He has been looking after me throughout Eden’s pregnancy and I am fortunate enough to have his company 90% of my time. This is my thought on why I don’t read.

Saying that though, I have spent most of this week reading ‘Stories for 1 year olds’


Judah brings me this book at least 30 times a day and asks me to read him a story. It has 6 little stories in it that are all rhyming. He likes the rhythm and rhyme. Also the noises of the animals or trains, buses etc as we read it to him. I have enjoyed doing this whilst Eden is feeding on me or asleep in her Moses basket as it is our quality time and one thing he’ll sit still for.

Some thing that I watched

Ok, so I went to a Mamma Mia fundraiser night. We had Italian food, acoustic entertainment and all sat to watch the Singalong version of the movie at the end of the evening. I watched this movie once when it came out to see what all the fuss was about but was very disturbed seeing Meryl Streep writhing around singing and dancing. Since I have managed to avoid it….. until now! The fundraiser was to raise money for a bursary place for a lady to be able to go on a Spiritual Health Weekend at the lovely 4* Marriott resorts. The price is £180 per lady and I have been for the last 5 years. It is something that has helped direct my life whilst going through an abusive marriage, divorce, remarriage, pregnancies. It is a lovely weekend and I would highly recommend it. The only reason I won’t be attending this year is that Eden will be too small to leave without my b/milk for a weekend. I don’t want to express that much for her at so young. It takes place in the New Year, have a nosey if you’re interested and love anywhere near Preston or Bristol. Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Weekend

Some thing I wore

This is difficult as after just giving birth I have been mainly wearing my pyjamas. A difficult pregnancy made my main priority in life to be comfortable. This seems to have continued with my wardrobe choices since little Eden has been born. I will wear a mismatch of pyjama bottoms, a strappy nightie over the top so I can feed her easily and then a jumper over that to keep me warm. I have as usual been living in leggings and dresses when I go out. Looking forward to treating myself to new clothes in the New Year. I’ll blog my findings when I go on mine and James’ big shopping spree.

Some thing I listened to

I made myself a ‘Labour’ playlist on Spotify for when I was giving birth. It was so relaxing I have found myself listening to it lots when I’m in the car driving my hubby and babies around. It has some chilled songs that remind me of my growing family ie. Creed ‘With arms wide open’ and then a lot of worship music. As a Christian it was important to me to have worship music on as Eden came into the world. It also made me a lot more relaxed and peaceful. One of my favourites and helps Eden go to sleep is ‘Look to the cross’. The version I have is a female vocalist though. Can’t find it on YouTube but if you like the song have a listen to it on Spotify.

Look to the Cross

Some thing I cannot live without

Haha, every new mum will say the same sleep. I am massively enjoying being able to sleep again as I’m not constantly uncomfortable and thank God He has blessed me with 2 fantastic sleepers. My husband and I are enjoying catching up on the hours missed out over the last few months.

And there you have it, Some things that I love with butwhymummywhy