Some things that I love #8

Some things that I love #8

This weeks round up of things I love with @butwhymummywhy:

Some thing I read

It’s Dyspraxia Awareness Week so I decided to write a blog dedicated to my husband ‘My Life With a Dyspraxic’ and to do this I read on the website a list of the symptoms.  Sounds awful but some of it had me in hysterics, these are symptoms my husband and I live with everyday, but seeing it in black and white reminded me of the things I constantly get at him for that are actually part of his condition. ie. being ‘Slow to finish a task. May daydream and wander about aimlessly.’  I won’t go into it all again this post but if you’d like to read about it click here.

Some thing I watched

Cracking out my old DVD box sets again, I have been watching ‘The OC‘ a lot.  Now it started airing 10 years ago now, so I’m not going to apologise for any *spoilers, but to be honest it’s not that big a deal to an OC lover to see what I write even if you do decide now you want to watch it.  I watched a scene this week in Season 3 where a character (not one of the core) dies, and they give him a funeral on the beach.  He was a surfer, so part of the service included them sending a surf board out to sea that they’d all signed.  They don’t make a big deal about this in the editing, it’s just there, but for some reason it makes me cry everytime.  I think there is something so tragic about young lives snuffed out too soon.  So much potential and dreams just gone in an instant.  Not to be all depressing, but it challenged me again that we should try to live to the full, and each day as if it were our last as best as possible.  This isn’t easy when you’re a Mum and your days become routine (breakfasts, getting ready, school runs, cleaning whilst kids are at school, or entertaining toddlers/pre-schoolers, then school run again, making dinner, doing homework, baths and bed) but it can remind us to really treasure the time that we have with our children and make the most of the conversations we have with those that come across our path each day.

Some thing I wore

My free gift from my Elle UK subscription finally arrived, some lovely TOPSHOP make up from the Core Collection.  I have fallen in love with the peach/coral lipstick that they sent for me.  If you want to see more about some thing I wore this week, please check out my ‘What I Wore Wednesday‘ post.


Some thing I listened to

I am singing at a wedding today Friday 18th November at 3pm.  I am singing the groom (it’s a gay wedding) down the aisle and also singing a couple of songs as they sign the register.  I was also supposed to be performing an hour set at the evening do, I have managed to pass this off to my sister as I am now 36 weeks pregnant and as much as I may be able to still sing, I can’t really move.  My sitting performing upbeat tracks at the evening do, is just NOT entertainment.

Obviously, as it’s today, I have been practicing this week, so most of my listening has consisted of the songs that I am singing.  He has picked very flamboyant tunes, so they’re not too easy to sing, but my favourite one I’m singing today is Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bound to You’ from Burlesque.  Think of me at around 3:30pm today belting this out as best I can with 30 days to go til baby is due.

Some thing I cannot live without

So it might sound obvious but MUSIC.  Everytime I’m in my car, everytime I’m sat at home knitting Eden’s blanket, when the girls and I are having a girlie night with face masks and nail painting, we are ALWAYS listening to music.  When the children are involved we don’t have a wide variety of choice as they always tend to want the same things over and over, but I am a Spotify premium account holder and there are always new albums that I can listen to included in my £9.99 a month.  Last week I was raving about ‘Birdy’s’ new album as I had that and this week I found a guy ‘Ian Yates‘ I used to sing with is doing quite well for himself in the Christian circuits and has a couple of albums on Spotify, so we’ve been listening to some of his new stuff.  Check him out by clicking on his name above or looking him up on Spotify.

Thanks once again to butwhymummywhy for another fun linky of Some things that I love


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