Some things that I love #7

Some things that I love #7

This weeks round up of things I love with @butwhymummywhy:

Some thing I read

My Elle subscription arrived, so I have the November issue. Inside was an article about ’40 days of dating’. A blog started by two graphic designers who live in NYC. They found themselves single at the same time after years of being friends and decided to try and work out their relationship issues by dating each other, every day for 40 days, and seeing a relationship counsellor once a week. It’s a gorgeous blog with them both being graphic designers and a very interesting read. I won’t spoil it incase you want to read fortydaysofdating

Some thing I watched

So, continuing on with being pretty much bed bound this pregnancy and our dvd collection being completely exhausted (we don’t have a tv license, don’t watch it apart from dvd’s we own). My friend Pete lent us some dvd’s. I watched the first 4 seasons of ‘the Big Bang Theory’ in a couple of weeks. Took me a season to get into. Sheldon’s character irritated me. The hubby was laughing his head off constantly whilst I was busy knitting Eden’s blanket. By Season 2 though I was hooked. Now find Sheldon adorable and so interesting to watch. I have a friend who reminds me of his social ineptness without being a brainiac and I genuinely feel I understand him better now I’ve watched TBBT. Now need to get up to date with the other seasons.

Some thing I wore

My Mum bought me a new black maxi dress that is so comfy. I wore it for 3 days last week (as I’m mainly in pj’s in bed this isn’t as bad as it sounds *honest). It accentuates my 35 week pregnant bump but I am so comfortable in it. Cannot wait for it to come back out of the wash *coughs to remind hubby to do some washing.

Some thing I listened to

Birdy’s new album ‘fire within’ is on Spotify and it is beautiful. Another knitting favourite of mine. I will put it on and relax knitting in bed. She has such a lovely voice and as a fellow pianist I just enjoy the mellowness and sheer beauty of the album. Haven’t got a favourite track yet *stay tuned.

Some thing I cannot live without

Terrible I know but I guess because I’m pregnant. Mash potato. I know. Just keep craving it and want roast dinner type meals. Am also happy to just have mash with gravy too. I believe it isn’t too bad a craving so am just going with it.

Thanks once again to butwhymummywhy for another fun linky of Some things that I love


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