Some things that I love #8

Some things that I love #8

This weeks round up of things I love with @butwhymummywhy:

Some thing I read

It’s Dyspraxia Awareness Week so I decided to write a blog dedicated to my husband ‘My Life With a Dyspraxic’ and to do this I read on the website a list of the symptoms.  Sounds awful but some of it had me in hysterics, these are symptoms my husband and I live with everyday, but seeing it in black and white reminded me of the things I constantly get at him for that are actually part of his condition. ie. being ‘Slow to finish a task. May daydream and wander about aimlessly.’  I won’t go into it all again this post but if you’d like to read about it click here.

Some thing I watched

Cracking out my old DVD box sets again, I have been watching ‘The OC‘ a lot.  Now it started airing 10 years ago now, so I’m not going to apologise for any *spoilers, but to be honest it’s not that big a deal to an OC lover to see what I write even if you do decide now you want to watch it.  I watched a scene this week in Season 3 where a character (not one of the core) dies, and they give him a funeral on the beach.  He was a surfer, so part of the service included them sending a surf board out to sea that they’d all signed.  They don’t make a big deal about this in the editing, it’s just there, but for some reason it makes me cry everytime.  I think there is something so tragic about young lives snuffed out too soon.  So much potential and dreams just gone in an instant.  Not to be all depressing, but it challenged me again that we should try to live to the full, and each day as if it were our last as best as possible.  This isn’t easy when you’re a Mum and your days become routine (breakfasts, getting ready, school runs, cleaning whilst kids are at school, or entertaining toddlers/pre-schoolers, then school run again, making dinner, doing homework, baths and bed) but it can remind us to really treasure the time that we have with our children and make the most of the conversations we have with those that come across our path each day.

Some thing I wore

My free gift from my Elle UK subscription finally arrived, some lovely TOPSHOP make up from the Core Collection.  I have fallen in love with the peach/coral lipstick that they sent for me.  If you want to see more about some thing I wore this week, please check out my ‘What I Wore Wednesday‘ post.


Some thing I listened to

I am singing at a wedding today Friday 18th November at 3pm.  I am singing the groom (it’s a gay wedding) down the aisle and also singing a couple of songs as they sign the register.  I was also supposed to be performing an hour set at the evening do, I have managed to pass this off to my sister as I am now 36 weeks pregnant and as much as I may be able to still sing, I can’t really move.  My sitting performing upbeat tracks at the evening do, is just NOT entertainment.

Obviously, as it’s today, I have been practicing this week, so most of my listening has consisted of the songs that I am singing.  He has picked very flamboyant tunes, so they’re not too easy to sing, but my favourite one I’m singing today is Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bound to You’ from Burlesque.  Think of me at around 3:30pm today belting this out as best I can with 30 days to go til baby is due.

Some thing I cannot live without

So it might sound obvious but MUSIC.  Everytime I’m in my car, everytime I’m sat at home knitting Eden’s blanket, when the girls and I are having a girlie night with face masks and nail painting, we are ALWAYS listening to music.  When the children are involved we don’t have a wide variety of choice as they always tend to want the same things over and over, but I am a Spotify premium account holder and there are always new albums that I can listen to included in my £9.99 a month.  Last week I was raving about ‘Birdy’s’ new album as I had that and this week I found a guy ‘Ian Yates‘ I used to sing with is doing quite well for himself in the Christian circuits and has a couple of albums on Spotify, so we’ve been listening to some of his new stuff.  Check him out by clicking on his name above or looking him up on Spotify.

Thanks once again to butwhymummywhy for another fun linky of Some things that I love


What I Wore Wednesday #2

What I Wore Wednesday #2

Ok, so it’s Wednesday, so I thought I should try and join in again, it has been a very long time, and this is only the second time I’ve joined in the fun, but being pregnant and not enjoying getting dressed at all hasn’t really been an incentive.


I’m going out for the day with the hubby and my little boy Judah, therefore I have opted for comfort.  Above is a blue dress from Debenhams that I have owned for ages, it always drowned me, even when I bought it, but at the time I was very self-conscious so tended to wear baggy clothes.  This purchase years ago, has served me well, as even now at 36 weeks pregnant the lining fits over my HUGE bump.


I am wearing black £4 leggings from Primark that somehow still stretch over everything, I kept intending to buy myself some more comfortable maternity leggings from H&M but I always ended up spending more money on the children and putting it off.  It is now so late in the day (with only 4 weeks left) that I refuse to buy any maternity clothes.  I have got away with not buying any so far this pregnancy as I own lots of baggy tops, dresses from before I lost weight a few years ago and coupled with my trusty £4 black leggings I’ve managed to get by.  Also, under my dress I’m wearing a strappy green vest from New Look, just to preserve my dignity and not have my cleavage all out.  Pregnancy has me currently at an L cup which is just ridiculous.  Also, means I can only really purchase my maternity/nursing bras from Bravissimo who have a great range,  but even my bras from there are a K cup, I just make do.


I have been living in my black Mini Bailey Button Uggs ever since the weather changed.  I love my full-size chestnut ones, but these are so easy to slip on my feet (even if most of the time the girls and James sometimes have to help me).  Being black and the amount of times I’ve lived in my black leggings, they go with EVERYTHING.

My free gift for my subscription to Elle UK finally arrived this week.  Lots of beautiful TOPSHOP make up.  A lovely bronzer, beautiful cream eyeshadow, a great liquid eyeliner, and the nail polish and lipstick pictured below.


The nail polish matched my dress perfectly, so decided to paint my poorly, brittle nails (pregnancy has not been kind to my hair and nails this trimester, last trimester they were lush, but weaknesses abound at the moment).


The shade of lipstick that arrived was amazing, it has been a few years since I owned an orange shade.  I used to have a lush Dior lipgloss that I lived in til it ran out, and just forgot to replace, but this arriving has reminded me that I quite like to rock the orange lip look as opposed to my usual nude lips or bright red.


As I’m going out with the hubster, I thought I would make an effort and wear some jewellery.  Again, just can’t usually be bothered at the moment, but hey, if I can put a bit of make up on then out comes the jewellery too.  He thinks Christmas has come early, lol.  Below is my wedding necklace.  Bought from one of the Designers at Debenhams (I don’t remember which one, shamefully), they have lots of beautiful little stands in there thought don’t they?  Everytime I wear it someone comments on how beautiful it is.


So that’s it for my ‘What I Wore Wednesday’, thanks to transatlantic blonde for this fun link up.  I look forward to when my little girl arrives and she can join in.

what i wore weds

My life with a Dyspraxic

My Life with a Dyspraxic

It’s Dyspraxia Awareness Week and as my husband has severe dyspraxia, I decided I would take part in the awareness raising.

Reading through the list of symptoms on the dyspraxia foundation website really made me chuckle. It sounds awful that it’s comical to me if you are a severe sufferer, but my husband and I have learnt to live with it and I find it endearing (most of the time). Things I forget can be related and I get at him frequently for include ‘Slow to finish a task. May daydream and wander about aimlessly,’ ‘Difficulty in following instructions, especially more than one at time,’ and ‘Difficulty in planning and organising thought.’

One of the main reoccurring rows with my husband happens when I am having a hormonal day and I decide that he can’t love me very much as he NEVER plans anything for us to do. I am a compulsive planner, he laughs at me for having a list for everything ie. I composed a Christmas list for each of the things I want to buy our children in August, and have been purchasing from it and wrapping presents since August. I will spend a lot of time planning things like his birthday, surprises and just all of our family life in general. All the day to day running of what we are doing, or where we are taking the kids, how we are making our ridiculously busy Saturday happen is all by my design and we usually stick to the plans. Even writing this now makes me realise that I have to reassure myself that it is definitely not because he doesn’t love me that he doesn’t do any of these things. It is because he has Dyspraxia.

Reading through the list of symptoms makes me cherish all the things he strives hard to overcome so that we can live as normally as possible. He is a fantastic cook, despite the fact that he finds it difficult. He is currently learning to drive, which he finds especially difficult. This is something I know my encouragement (which he never had in the past) can really help. I 100% believe that he can conquer driving, it will eventually click and become like breathing, it just requires more effort for him to get there than the average person.

I treasure the events that he has planned for me in the 2 and a half years we’ve been together. My amazing proposal at the ‘Titanic Spa’ (highly recommend by the way), my beautiful engagement ring he designed and had made, my 30th Birthday which he had really put the effort in for, so despite my family life crashing around me at the time I made sure we didn’t cancel. It was a lovely escape for 24 hours from a nightmare situation. He took me to the ‘BroadOaks Country House’ which was a beautiful boutique hotel. A lot of thought always goes in to getting me to these places, especially as at the time neither of us drove.

When you’re as easy going and full of
good humour as my husband is, you can see the funny side. The first time he met my family, he was soaking wet through from falling in a lake near their house. When he met some of my friends, we discovered that it’s worse when he’s nervous. He walked into 7 different lamp posts on a 10 minute walk home. On our wedding day my maid of honour was in hysterics, as he managed to fall off a chair whilst just sitting comfortably and signing the register. The registrar nearly didn’t let us wed as they were debating if he was drunk.

The amount of times that he has fallen down the stairs, I stopped asking if he’s ok, I just listen to hear that he’s still moving. My friends think that I’m cold, but it is such a normal occurrence in our lives, it used to make my heart stop with fear as I was so afraid of him hurting himself, but I guess I’m now just desensitised to it all. The most random being the time he went to fix under our bath and set himself on fire. He couldn’t find a torch and decided it would be a good idea to take a candle into the enclosed space so he could see what he was doing.

He has most of the symptoms on the link above, no specific hand that he writes with, sets knives and forks the wrong way round at the table, very forgetful, clumsy, but he doesn’t let it stop him doing ANYTHING.

He joins in with football on the local youth project that we work with. He has an interesting way of dancing but still joins in with the girls when they play Just Dance on the wii. He has definitely shown me that it doesn’t hold him back at all.

When I ask him what the most annoying part of having dyspraxia is for him, he answers, ‘struggling with organisation’. Even with that though, I am so proud of him as a trainee Social Worker there is SO much paperwork. He is in his final year at University, I have been pregnant throughout his first 2 years at Uni, we had a newborn whilst he was on his last placement, and he is still on target for a First. I am so proud of all that he achieves, and need to remember to cut him some slack when he fails to remember things I ask him to do (even if I write them in a list, lol).

It is a very misunderstood condition. We are still learning to adjust to it everyday, but I must stress my husband is living proof that having dyspraxia does not need to define you, and it doesn’t need to prevent you from achieving anything you want in life. I’m not saying it doesn’t make it harder than some of the rest of us have it, but ANYTHING is possible if you’re determined enough.

Writing this post has reminded me, I’m proud of you babe, proud to call you mine, and I’m excited for all you will continue to achieve in the future. Nothing holds you back.

Dyspraxia Awareness Week 13th – 19th October 2013.

See if you can get your company to join in with Dress Down Friday 18th. You’ll be surprised how many you work with suffer from it and you wouldn’t really know unless you recognise the symptoms.

Life As A Domestic Violence Survivor

Life As A Domestic Violence Survivor

Today you will find me guest blogging for ‘The Good Mother Project’.

Check it out by clicking on the link below, the awareness being raised is phenomenal by this blog.

Lots of love

Mama Didn’t Tell


Knitting before Nesting

Knitting before Nesting

So I have been knitting Eden a blanket similar to one my Mum bought Judah when I was expecting him.  I thought it would look nice when they’re in their double buggy together to be wrapped up in their not very matching, matching blankets.

At the moment all the spare time I have, I am trying to knit another square, which interesting with 3 children around.  When I’m having a bad day with my hips and SPD then I sit in bed and knit some squares.


I am not finished yet, but as you can see I am not too far away from finishing.  Some more plain white and plain baby pink are to be added into the mix, and I will rearrange all the squares (the above pic was my Mum’s arrangement on her dining room table).  Then I just need to sew them all together, preferably on my friend Charlene’s sewing machine rather than the potential mess I will make trying by hand.

I need to sort my house out ready for her arrival with only 4 weeks to go and the potential imminent arrival at any time, but I have told myself I must finish this blanket before the nesting can commence.  I’m just hoping she doesn’t come early as I’m not really prepared yet at all in the home.

Do you think I’m crazy for putting my little project first, before properly nesting?  I have 4 weeks left.  I just really want to have finished it for her (I’m not always good at finishing things I start).

When I was nesting for Judah the house was immaculate, I literally had even ironed every sock and pair of knickers in the home.  I’m still hoping this desire will kick in, as I really want to be on top of things when she arrives.

Here’s hoping


Mama didn’t tell


The Ordinary Moments #4

The Ordinary Moments #4

This week is a bit of a strange one… we were doing an ordinary thing but it was a bit of an extraordinary moment for me.

We have stayed over at a friends house (it’s huge), the girls are in their own en-suite room and we are in ours with Judah in a travel cot.  The girls have lots of fun when we come to visit their friend Anna.  The house is so big and she has an outdoor play area bigger than most of the parks that we go to near us.  So they love coming here of course.

Last night Anna’s parents decided they were going to let off Chinese lanterns, each of the girls got to hold one and let them off into the atmosphere.  This was something children all over the world must’ve done at some point or another at New Year or a party.  The last time I did it was early October 2 years ago.

We had miscarried September 15th 2011 at 7 weeks (very early I know) but it was my first pregnancy with a man I was deeply in love with and excited to marry.  I had only known I was pregnant for about 8 days, but the bonding… oh the bonding.  It was instant.  I had trundled off to the nearest Sainsbury’s and bought lots of fruit and veg so that I could stock up and eat healthily so this little bundle would get the best nutrients I could give.

I wanted to give my family opportunity to partake in the release of a lantern so that we could say goodbye as my Mum and sister had also bonded very quickly with the idea of me being pregnant.  In fact, they refused to see the evidence in front of them when my body started to miscarry.  Telling me God wouldn’t let that happen, I’d had enough rubbish in my life etc.  but I knew, the writing was on the wall, God and I made our peace, as did my then fiancé James.

I conceived Judah just 10 days after I miscarried, there was no in between period or anything like that.  Obviously this was a fact I only found out when they dated me weeks later, but I had just found out that I was pregnant again when we finally had the family together to release this Chinese lantern on the park behind where we lived.

Watching Judah cheering for the lanterns being lit last night was such a normal thing for a little boy of 15 months to do.  For me though, it was so surreal.  I just kept thinking last time we did this I had just found out that he was inside of me.  I didn’t want to make a big deal in front of Anna’s parents, I nearly didn’t join them when they were releasing them, but I could hear the children’s joy.  As an aside when I miscarried this year in January we didn’t do anything like this, I was thinking last night about the little light that had gone too soon that we hadn’t marked in any way.  This is something James and I will do at a time appropriate to us and maybe in a different way this time.

Was so lovely watching the children enjoy releasing the lanterns, my husband wanted to watch until the lanterns couldn’t be seen anymore.  I said I wanted to go inside and imagine that they never went out, they just kept going, so I went inside to watch the Barbie movie with the girls and Judah.

Here’s my pitiful camera work of the girls letting off one of the lanterns (they look like they’re at a Spa day in their dressing gowns and slippers).  Thank you to mummydaddyme for this wonderful linky again.