The Ordinary Moments #3

The Ordinary Moments #3

It has been another crazy week at our house. The hubby is awaiting diagnosis for stabbing chest pains that also shoot up and down his left arm (not good), but I have had our latest family edition on standby, ‘Goldie’ the Toyota yaris.

It has made such a MASSIVE difference having a car, being able to be useful and contribute again to family life. I have taken the children all over this week.

It was whilst at the park with them after a busy day on Saturday night that it dawned on me. This ‘ordinary moment’ of taking our children to the park, I have only been dreaming of for the last few months as I literally couldn’t walk to the end of our street.

We made it though, I took Shayla and Judah on Friday before picking up Isis from school, but Judah was asleep. Obviously over the years I’ve been able to take Isis and Shayla many times, but Saturday evening, I took my 15 month old for the first time since he could walk. James had taken him without me, but this was so lovely for me to see him just loving the outdoors.

This ‘ordinary moment’ I never want to take for granted. I have a had a little taste of how hard motherhood must be for someone who is physically impaired and although people adjust, I haven’t enjoyed it. So grateful for the little things, and don’t ever want to always appreciate these ordinary moments.

I got so many lovely pictures of all the children, but here is Judah having a stroll.



2 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #3

  1. Thanks. He gave me a fright last night when he was having pain whilst we were having a lovely time, nothing stressful at all. Thankfully, I have a doctor friend who lets me harass him constantly. Better than 111. Will definitely be an A&E job if it happens again though. It’s a lovely linky to join in with, reminds me of the little things to never take for granted 🙂

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