Some things that I love #6

Some things that I love #6

This last week has been crazy with planning for Shayla’s 4th birthday party. Getting a new car, the in-laws staying so I seemed to get a bit behind with the blogging but will give butwhymummywhy ‘s ‘Some things that I love’ linky a go.

Some thing I read

My hubby bought me loads of books as I’ve been so bed bound with this pregnancy, but I am pleased to say I have been too busy for one to have been reading them. All my downtime at the moment has been spent knitting a blanket for Eden. I’m starting to crave reading magazines again though… I’m usually a fan of ‘Elle’, ‘Glamour’ and ‘Zest’ but when you’re piling on weight through pregnancy and lack of mobility it’s not so fun to read about clothes you can’t wear or running tips and diets you can’t try. I have just subscribed back to Elle again though and am eagerly awaiting my first issue arrival next week.

Some thing I watched

Ok, so I’ve seen it before but the hubby and my friend Pete leant us a few dvd’s, again due to lack of mobility we have completed exhausted our collection. Last week hubby needed to nip to town (pre car arrival) on the bus which allowed me time to watch ‘Juno’. I love Ellen Paige and I think this is so wonderfully written, the way they converse alone makes me laugh, but the whole storyline of a young girl pregnant and ‘ill-equipped’ to deal with a baby (her words) giving it up for adoption so another family can be happy, just really moves me. The scene where she tries to abort and she sees a Chinese school friend ‘all babies want to get borned’ and she just can’t go through with it once she knows her baby will have fingernails at this stage. It’s just so sweet.

I know it’s old skool but if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

Some thing I wore

Somehow I have managed not to buy ANY maternity wear yet. I do not know how, I had borrowed some with Judah and then returned them, and this time I am twice the size, but still manage to get in my stretchy black leggings and just wearing my baggy tops or comfy maxi-dresses. I guess the favourite has been my black mini bailey button Uggs that have lived on my feet since the weather shifted. They are so comfortable, although I have to get one of the children or James to hold the back whilst I push my feet in as they’re not as easy to get on in this late stage of pregnancy as I thought. (Or as I told the hubby they would be as a reason I needed to buy them earlier on in the year… Oops!)

Some thing I listened to

Now we have a car (woop woop) it has resulted in James and I have many debates over what to listen to in the car. I believe I should be able to choose as I’m driving and he has the right to veto whether I like it or not. Too much hassle to argue I have discovered. So we’ve been trying to listen to albums unfamiliar to both of us as a kind of compromise.

Recently, the OneRepublic album ‘Native’ has been getting a lot of airplay. It makes Judah dance happily in the back of the car (in his little car seat of course) and I love Ryan Tedder’s voice. The lyrics are not always the best but are thought provoking, the hubster and I are always discussing lazy lyrics or lyrics that are random and make no sense. As we are both keen song writers and him an enthusiastic lyricist we spend a lot of time discussing lyrics (whether I want to or not). Random one from OneRepublic ‘everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly’. Not as obscure as some, I get the metaphor, just think it’s very randomly placed in the song.

Some thing I cannot live without

Well, it’s only been a few days but or new little car ‘Goldie’ has fast made the cut. It is so good to be able to get about without needing my crutches or James to support me all the time. It’s also nice to be able to feel useful to my family again. Went to visit my Mum in Lytham yesterday and took Judah to the lake and on the park. Was so lovely to be able to watch him playing. Something I have not been able to do for a while due to my inability to get anywhere.






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