{The Ordinary Moments} #1

The Ordinary Moments #1

So I have noticed this Linky from mummydaddyandme and I thought I would link up this week and hopefully in the future if I remember (wink, wink).

The girls have started back at dance for the autumn/winter term which now means that every Saturday morning you will find us taking up room in Costa Coffee whilst shuttling them back and forth to classes.

They each do 3 disciplines (2 and a quarter hours each) with a 45 minute gap in between for Shay. Ice starts 45 mins after and just goes straight through, so all in all it’s 3 hours out of our Saturday’s every week.

The girls love drinking their babychinno’s and at the moment Judah is still content to drink milk from his bottle and water from his Tommee Tippee explora cup so we don’t have to purchase him anything yet.

I caught this picture whilst James had taken Shayla into ballet and Isis was chatting away to Judah. She is so good at entertaining him and he loves her so much. I think she’s his hero, he constantly calls for her when they go to bed at night before him ‘Isis, Icey, Isis’. It’s adorable. Here’s just a little reason why he adores her so.



2 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments} #1

  1. Aw this is gorgeous, and it is lovely to see the relationship between siblings cause I am going through all that too. I love watching my girls together. Wow that sounds like an intense ballet schedule, I want Mads to do ballet when she is bigger. Thanks so much for linking up! x

  2. @mummydaddyme yeah, they both do ballet, tap and modern/jazz. It isn’t cheap but the way it accelerates their confidence it is totally worth it. Their dance school puts a show on every 3 years and it will be this academic year July. Can’t wait to see them performing in a theatre. They’re going to love it.

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