Some things that I love #5

Some things that I love #5

Ok, so it’s been a very long time but I have decided to link up with ‘butwhymummywhy’ for Some things that I love again this week. some things that I love

Some thing I read

I struggle with this one every time as I am not a big reader. I was however horrified by the news I read about the 8 year old Yemeni child bride that died after consummating marriage on her wedding night. Isis is going to be 8 in March and I literally just couldn’t get my head around it.

Hmm…. doesn’t really fit the remit though does it as this is definitely not ‘some thing that I love’. I read my driving test pass certificate. That was exciting for me. Passing at the age of 30 and 30 weeks pregnant was a bug deal for me. It is done now though, w00t!

Some thing I watched

I may have said this before but the hubby and I don’t have a TV license, and we don’t have the Internet, except on our phones, so we are never up to date with what everyone else is watching. We buy box sets. This past week after severely exhausting our DVD collection we’ve reverted back to watching SATC. He says he’s not into it, but every now and again there’s a chuckle. Last night we were watching Season 6 when Charlotte gets married to Harry.

Some thing I wore

Haha, this pregnancy I haven’t bought one item of maternity wear (yet) and when I hit the gym after Judah was born I gave away everything that was maternity wear for me last time (back to my cousin who had leant them to me). Don’t know how I’ve managed really, cos I am nearly twice the size of the last pregnancy but I just can’t bear to part with money for something temporary. My black leggings may not be able to cope the last 2 months though so we will see.

Now the weather has changed, the girls, Judah and I have all been living in our Uggs. I’ve always enjoyed the comfort, but now we all own some except for Daddy (as the girls keep pointing out), the girls love that we all match. I have to alternate which pair I wear so as to match them both on different days. Shayla’s are short black classics and Isis’ are chestnut tall classics, Judah had chestnut baby boo ones, so cute under his snowsuit.

Some thing I listened to

I am the middle of doing some recording with our church band and have therefore had to spend a lot of time listening to pieces, devising and practicing piano parts. Piano was recorded at the studios at ‘The Grand’ Clitheroe a couple of weeks ago, but this week we are laying down vocals. I’m only singing 2 of the songs but I am practicing constantly so these are what I’m listening to. Stay tuned, once it’s all been mixed and mastered may post a link on here. Will probably be around Christmas time though so not for a while yet.

Some thing I cannot live without

I feel I have said my hubby on this many times before, but it is true. The extent of my uselessness has been far reaching this pregnancy and I do not know what I would’ve done had it not fallen mainly in the Summer between year 2 and 3 of his degree course. He goes back October 7th, but as I blogged earlier we will then have a car which will make a massive difference to my life car and I won’t be as reliant on him.

Once again thank you to ‘butwhymummywhy’ for this fun link up.





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