Shayla’s 4th birthday prep

So I’m currently in the process of planning Shayla’s 4th Birthday party which will be taking place next Saturday. I have raided Amazon as I’m not up to my usual craft making self and bought banners, balloons, party bags etc. and I won’t be attempting to make a cake this time. (Pregnancy excuses).

She has chosen the theme of princesses, and then I asked her what about the boys coming, she decided they could be pirates. So back to Amazon I went to buy pirate things too. Luckily Isis already has a Snow White Disney Princess costume, Shayla wants to be Tinkerbell (hmm… Not technically a princess but we’ll have to imagine she married a prince and put a tiara on her head). Judah has an amazing pirate costume that I’ve ordered that I cannot wait to arrive. Very eagerly expecting Shayla’s costume too as I want to see how amazing the wings are in person.

I’ve wrapped all the prizes for pass the parcel and bought toys and made sweet cones for the party bags. Just now awaiting the postman. It’s hard not being able to physically go and buy things, I like to have things done. Until our car arrives next week however, I am reliant on amazon and the postman (it’s not like I can go out anyway).

Just a mini post to say where I’m up to and can’t wait to post her pics from the party. I have still to get a piñata and make a pin the pirate in the crow’s nest (my play on pin the tail on the donkey), and the princess in the tower.

Here’s some pics of my little bed office and party things coming together.

Hyperemesis and SPD will not stop me giving her a great party 🙂




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