Some Things That I Love #4

Something I read

Again, this one doesn’t work well for me, as I just don’t find the time to read.  I’ve been flicking through pinterest for ideas for Ice’s 7th birthday bash.  Does that count?  Lots of things ordered on Amazon this week to be prepared for the party of the year (well for Ice’s class mates anyway).  Fancy party bags, and finger foods at the ready, also, spent a lot of time in the Annabel Karmel book again, looking at how to make funky party food.  Stay tuned, will post plenty of pics once the party has been and gone.

Something I watched

I have felt severely depressed this week and seem to be just trawling my way through the Smallville boxsets in my possession.  Currently on Season 10 (shocking, I know).

smallville, some things that I love

Something I wore

My Pandora bracelet has a new charm thanks to Mother’s Day so I have been wearing it relentlessly.  Unlike me, as I usually have to take my jewellery off at night, this has stayed on my wrist since I was presented with the lovely engraved heart.

pandora, some things that i love

Something I listened to

Depressingly, not anything I can think of, other than myself practicing at the piano.  Not good, this may explain my recent mood.  I have listened to the radio whilst being in the minibus with the students I was working with on social action all week.  I have spent a lot of time in the minibus which is rare for me, as we don’t have a car.  Some of the local youths graced me with 1Direction at the top of their voice whilst it was on the radio.  (oops, must make an effort this week to get music back in my life).

Something I cannot live without

As a non drinker, this week, I’m ashamed to say, I have not been able to live without some coca cola.  I have had major sugar cravings, and giving into them has not helped my mood, and I dare say I’m a bit co-dependent on the caffeine now.  Must, make an effort to wean myself off them this week.

some things that i love


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