Some Things that I Love #2

Linking in with but why mummy why again this week.

Something I read: I am not a big reader at all, I have so many books that I intend to read and never really get around to.  I would say this week I read a lot of lyrics and chords.  I was leading the music at church this week, so actually made time to practice once through each day, to try and be prepared.  It has been a while since I led a band and wanted to get back on my game.  It went really well, but just a start really, need to practice at the piano more.

Something I watched : when I feel blue I tend to revert to watching Desperate Housewives in bed and what Daddy didn’t tell me knows that something is up.  I only watched a little last week which is a miracle in itself.  Spent some time spring cleaning and came across some movies we haven’t seen in a while.  Watched I love you Philip Morris‘ with the hubster curled up on the couch.  My brother bought it me 2 Christmases ago as it had Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor in it.  He had no idea of the plot, and neither did I.  What Daddy didn’t tell me and I watched it Jan 2012, were hideously shocked (not what we expected at all) and then haven’t looked at it since.  Gave it another whirl this week, but again, spent most of my time cringing.  I am not homophobic and have many gay/lesbian friends, just really struggle with how OTT the movie is.  It is funny though.  This year my brother bought me ‘Revolutionary Road‘, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio?  Anyone seen it?  Directed by Sam Mendes.  Again, what Daddy didn’t tell me and I sat down to watch the romantic rekindling of the Titanic dynamic duo and were left severely depressed.  Not for the feint hearted.  We put it down to another classic film choice by my bro.  I have told him he needs to start reading the back, or at least get an idea of plot for next year (does tickle us though, and widen our movie knowledge).

Something I wore : my pyjamas 🙂 With family situations at crisis point (extended family not my little poppets), my nerves could not take it, and aside from trips to the doctors, CBT lady, and taking Ice to her tap class, I spent most of the week in my jim jams, especially when I was spring cleaning.  Don’t get me wrong I did get dressed in the week, just feel it’s fair to say the clothing I wore most last week was my pj’s.  Come on you know we all do it??  Or if you don’t, if you forget the (gasp) horror of it for a moment, you’ll be jealous… just saying 😉

Something that I listened to : as a former victim of domestic violence (my ex husband was a brut), it is difficult for me to watch some scenarios that are unfolding around me at the moment.  My sister is a mess at the moment due to emotional/mental abuse at the hands of someone who should’ve been protecting her.  Having a dance to Leona Lewis‘ new album ‘Glassheart‘ with JAM made me listen a bit more closely.  Most of the theme running through the album is that of domestic abuse.  I absolutely love ‘I to You’ cowritten by the lovely Emeli Sande, which I feel is very apt for current issues.  As someone who has lived through it and knows how twisted your thinking is at that time, I find this a fantastic thought provoker.  After listing all the things she would do for her partner the chorus makes you think ‘what am I to you? what am I to you? don’t tell me, don’t kill me now’.  Anyone going through domestic violence who would like to DM me on twitter @mamadidnttell I would be more than willing to chat to you.  It is difficult to get out of but so worth it!!!

Something I cannot live without : My Mum!  Oh yes, this week my Mum was an absolute hero rescuing my sister from hospital.  I am so pleased that I have a mother that will fight for us, even when we no longer live with her, or have husbands who should fight for us (not with us, see last paragraph).  She is amazing and actually worked a miracle this week against all the ideals of the doctors at the hospital.  I literally felt like I had my own Jack Bauer this week, who went into the hospital and convinced them to release my sister to her care.  My sister is doing so much better with my Mum and I know now she will make a full emotional recovery.  Wuhoo!! for Mum’s.

some things that i love


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