Here comes the Sun do do do do

So today the sun came out!!! wuhoo!!!  I’ve been battling depression since miscarrying January 11th and it was so nice to be able to go outside with my little boy and take him on the swing.  Some days it’s really difficult to get out and about but the sun seems to make it all seem so much easier.


JAM in the park

What daddy didn’t tell me was at university most of the day and normally I feel really low on a Monday whilst he disappears off for the day, but after a lovely lie in with little JAM (Well, a retreat back to bed at 9am after Daddy had gone out the door) we headed off to the park.

Found it irritating watching Mothers that didn’t seem too bothered about playing with their children all of a sudden interested when I was heading for the wing lol.  One child was trying to get into the swing, I could see from the whole walk up towards the park, as soon as I arrived at the swings (trying to work out.. who the child belonged to (aged 2-3), whether it was going to have a go on the swing, had it been in?  Mother then appeared and placed said child into the swing.  Probably over the top on my part, just found it irritating as there wasn’t anything else JAM could go on, so I watched as she then pretended to be interested and push this little girl until she started screaming, then it was our turn.

JAM had fallen asleep whilst we were waiting so I did something us mothers aren’t supposed to do, I woke him for his turn, as other children were positioning themselves to jump in front of me as he was sleeping.  Oops!!!  Well, he wasn’t happy for the first few seconds and I felt cruel as he whinged but I persisted to sit him in the swing, and moments later he was laughing everytime I pushed him.  So cute!!

Was thinking of starting a regular blog post ‘Meals I made Monday’, as I intend to make JAM’s meal batches on Monday mornings.  Today, I’m afraid ‘Meals I made Monday’ would only consist of a trip to the chip shop.  JAM ate bread and cheese for breakfast, banana and yoghurt for lunch and a few slices of apple for dinner as he wasn’t that hungry.  All our meals were late today due to our lie in.  It was not a typical day for us at all, but we had a lovely time.  He was so happy for most of the day and didn’t even want to go to Daddy when he returned which is unusual as he enjoyed my company so much.  Lately the poor thing has been so sick of my depression that he eagerly practically jumps in Daddy’s arms when he returns from uni.

I had promised What Daddy didn’t tell me that I would give him a massage tonight on my lovely new massage table (given to me by my inlaws).  It is a fantastic professional massage table and I set it all up with towels as I see them do at the Spa’s I frequent.  He was lovely and relaxed aside from the complaint against my background music, which was JAM waking up.  To finish Daddy’s massage I held JAM in the alternate arm that I didn’t need at the time.  Just kept swapping him over to do each side.  What Daddy didn’t tell me felt very relaxed but very guilty that I had massaged him whilst tending to the baby.  I just found it funny and definitely one for JAM’s baby book.  Didn’t expect that when I started out.

Now he’s slaying infidels on his ipod and I am sat here blogging, the wonders of romance.  Bed time for me now me thinks.

Good night bloggers

what Mama didn’t tell







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