JAM’s first pancakes – Vday

Really excited for Pancake Tuesday, not only because the girls love them (sigh, I don’t have them on a Tuesday) but because JAM gets to try his first pancakes.  I’ve been so fussy weaning him trying to make sure he only eats the best and making all his food from scratch so when I saw on twitter that Annabel Karmel had a pancake recipe for babies I was overjoyed. Yay!! JAM can join in.

What Daddy didn’t tell me made JAM a heart pancake, due to the fact that, by the time we got around to joining in with Pancake Day it was Vday.  Lol, took us 2 days to get around to making pancakes.  (It has been a crazy week).



We don’t really buy into Valentines Day, we were in Cyprus (Paphos) last year and the hotel didn’t do the overpriced roses or anything like that, so we kind of gave it a miss.  This year, we were expecting a lump of money through what Daddy didn’t tell me’s university, but they switched the dates to next week.  So, we didn’t have the cash to go spending Vday 2013 either.  To be honest, I’m inclined to agree with other posts I’ve read today, that making it about today just makes it commercial and we have 364 other days of the year to be romantic and treat each other.

What Daddy didn’t tell me and I spent some time in a scrabble battle (I won twice, lol, although I’m not sure if he was just letting me, hope not).  JAM enjoyed opening his presents and his heart pancakes.  I thoroughly enjoyed my heart pancakes too, which is as far romantic as we go today, aside from watching Wedding Crashers in bed and snuggling.  Haha, Wedding Crashers!!!  Romantic quote though ‘true love is your souls recognition of its counterpoint in another’.



JAM opening his Valentines Day card and gifts (also attacking his pancake).

It’s hilarious trying to plan a romantic time with your other half when there’s children involved, especially on a day of the year where any decent babysitters probably have a date of their own.  That’s why I’m inclined to agree with other bloggers that it’s all the other days of the year that count really.  As opposed to joining in with the commerical hype.

Most of my Valentines Day was spent tidying and taking Ice to her tap coaching class in the evening for her upcoming exam.  I had a really nice day but can’t say I specifically celebrated Vday.  Last year I had a surprise Valentines Day from what Daddy didn’t tell me in September I think.  I came home from a rehearsal, or the bus project that I’m involved in (a social action project with young people on more unfortunate estates nearby), to find a lovely meal, my foot spa at the ready, candles all over the house, and a nice back massage to finish with ;).  I much prefer the idea that at some point this year I may discover another surprise Vday.  I would love to plan something special too when I get the chance.  Need to make sure I make the effort to do so.

Will let you know, once I’ve planned and executed said evening.

I am now being summoned for lunch, love it when it’s not my turn to cook.

Pic of Ice at tap last night, she loves tap!!!  Really excited for her Exam??? lol



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