My Amazing Step-Daughters


I have the amazing privilege of being called Mummy by 2 beautiful girlies.  Ice (6) and Little Miss Rae Rae (3) have known me since Rae Rae was 18 months old, she will be 4 in September and that seems like such a massive age jump.  It’s been amazing to watch her grow and develop from a little cutie I took to the beach who would sit on the sand and just stare at it in her hands, to clambering at giant soft play centres that are just that tad too big for her but she is determined and manages to get around.

shay in sand

Rae Rae aged 20 months.


At her 2nd birthday party.

girls at our wedding

At our wedding Ice about to turn 6 and Rae Rae aged 2 and a half to the day.

Rae Rae took it upon herself to start calling me Mummy when I was away at the Nancy Goudie weekend at the end of last month.  She told what Daddy didn’t tell me that she missed Mummy.  He explained that when she returned to her Mum’s on the Sunday she would see Mummy.  She replied, ‘no, I miss other Mummy (insert my name)’, she missed me.

It occured to me, that I’ve never really been away from them every weekend since September and we had them for Christmas week.  Why wouldn’t she call me Mummy.  I buy them beautiful clothes, cook their meals (sometimes they cook with me), wash their hair, taught them to swim, take them on holiday, pay for their dance lessons and most of their free time away from nursery or school they are at what Daddy didn’t tell me and my home.

Ice has told me a few times that she’s going to call me Mummy, hers was more of a conscious effort though (I never asked them to), she took it upon herself to inform me that she didn’t want JAM to call me by my first name and would make sure he only heard me referred to as Mummy.  Very considerate for a 6 year old ;).  However, in practice this didn’t really work as she kept slipping and it was more natural for her to call me what she had been for the past 2 years.  Rae Rae on the other hand just naturally started calling me Mummy and now Ice has followed suit.  Aside from a few slips this weekend as my inlaws were up and referred to me by my first name to the girls, this is now what they call me.  Although it was a bit strange at first, it now feels normal and so lovely that it was their choice to do so.

shay cooking

Rae Rae waiting for Ice to get home as we were about to bake cookies.

There are so many things that I treasure doing with them and I completely love them and treat them as my own.  I wasn’t sure how it would pan out once JAM was born, but I think it was so instilled into me by this point that I treat them all equally.  I can’t say it isn’t a challenge, potty training was certainly interesting between 2 homes and complete lack of consistency but we got there.  (We had the girls for 10 days in the summer holidays, took them to Butlins when JAM was only 3 weeks old, crazy I know, but we just didn’t take any nappies and cracked it whilst we were away).

They are such precious individuals who fill me with joy constantly, especially at our sit at the piano singalong times (not Sound of Music esque, more Mummy has a wedding to sing at and they hear me practice so often they end up joining in, very cute).  Ice just passed her first Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exam and received her certificate this weekend so is very pleased with herself.  What Daddy didn’t tell me and I are very proud also.

I could carry on all day about these 2 and I’m sure there will be multiple posts in future regarding them so will leave you with some pics of Ice from her ballet exam.

Lots of love
What Mummy didn’t tell me


ices exam1ices exam2




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