Some Things That I Love

Something I read : This week has been a bit hectic to say the least.  I celebrated my 30th birthday, and aside from Ice’s school newsletter, I’ve only really read the inscription on my bracelet from what Daddy didn’t tell me.  My wonderful hubster had a silver bracelet designed for me by the amazing Janet Barber who made my fabulous engagement ring.  It reads ‘Happy 30th Birthday’, ‘delight remains when you know you are loved’, ‘love always x’.  It is a triple braided silver bracelet.


Something I watched : My beloved sister bought me ‘The Romantics’ on DVD for my 30th.  So, what Daddy didn’t tell me sat down with me to watch it last night once the children were in bed.  It was quite climatic, so you felt as though it was building the whole time, and ended quite abruptly.  To be honest, I’d like to watch it again, now I know where it stands as a more artistic expression than cliched Hollywood RomCom.  It featured Katie Holmes (ex Mrs Cruise) and multiple other actors and actresses I love (Adam Brody always makes me laugh).  An interesting watch for sure.

Something I wore : my strapless bra.  Oh yes!! As a breastfeeding Mummy nursing bras are a Godsend but also not the most flattering.  What Daddy didn’t tell me took me away for the night to Broadoaks Boutique Country Hotel in the Lake District (troutbeck) and my Mum watched the JAM.  The hotel boasts a 3 Michelin starred restaurant so I wore a halterneck black and white dress with my wedding bra.  Felt a lot more glam.  Needless to say when you’re away from your baby they don’t stay glamorous for very long as the comfort wears off.

Something that I listened to : Missy Elliott ‘Work It’.  haha, the JAM started dancing away at the end of ‘Pitch Perfect’ whilst some hiphop played.  What Daddy didn’t tell me and I stuck some old skool tunes on when we got home for him to listen to.  We were in stitches, he waits for the beat and then starts bouncing around once it kicks in.  Missy’s ‘Work It’ seemed to be a definite fave, as he giggled at the ‘DJ pick up your phone, I’m on the request line’.

Something that I cannot live without : What Daddy didn’t tell me!!!  It has been a hard week for my extended family and I thank God that I have such an amazing husband.  His stealth trip to take me away definitely rescued my 30th birthday from an episode of ‘birthdays from hell’.  I am so grateful for all he does for me and continues to do.  (Bleugh! cheese over)

some things that i love


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