What’s blogging got to do with it?

cropped-blog.jpgHello!!  Welcome to my first blogging experience.  I began to make a list this week of various subjects I could broach in my first blog.  I guess I will begin by talking about the week that we’ve had as a family.

Weekend Away

Last weekend I went to a ladies conference which meant that, aside from coming home each night, it was my first weekend away from the family in a long time.  Not to mention my first weekend away from JAM my first born son (aged 7 months).  4 days a week I am a Mother of 3 children, Ice (6), Little Miss Rae Rae (3), who both belong to my husband and his ex-wife and The Jam (JAM being his initials).  It wasn’t easy leaving my lovely husband, who can be a bit clumsy at times (he’s dyspraxic) with all of them, but then I remembered that before me, he would have Ice and Little Miss Rae Rae alternate weekends and coped just fine (well, they’re still alive).  He did a fantastic job, and to be honest put me to shame as he not only maintained 3 children for the weekend, he cleaned and tidied all the house, sorted the washing and all the various things I complain I didn’t really have time to do, due to having to look after 3 children.  I’ve definitely upped my game this week ;).

It was amazing having some time away, I heard some phantom cries a few times and would have to convince myself that I couldn’t possibly be hearing the JAM as he wasn’t anywhere near.  It was definitely surreal not having another person attached to you constantly after 7 months of him co-dependently being by my side.  Any breastfeeding mother will understand it was not easy physically being away from him also, I was very sore each evening as I returned.  On the Saturday evening I retrieved him from his room and latched him on whilst he was still asleep.  He relieved my pressure and then popped him back into bed, little poppet.  I can highly recommend some girlie time away for new mothers, as I came home feeling so refreshed and I knew JAM would have a better Mummy for it.  Also wish to massively recommend Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Weekends (www.nancygoudie.com/shweekend) as I have been going for the last 4 years and have always come away feeling refreshed, full of joy and empowered to get on with the year that’s ahead (they’re always at the start of each year).




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